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       Latin Baby Girl Names Starting with F

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Latin Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest Latin baby Girl names which begin with letter F for new born baby Girl. You can read new born baby names of Latin origin starting from F with meanings for free.

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Latin Baby Girl Names Meaning
Fabia Bean grower
Fabian Bean Grower
Fabiana Bean grower
Fabienne Bean
Fabiloa Bean Grower
Fabiola Bean grower
Fabrianne Resourceful, A Craftswoman
Fabrizia craftswoman
Fabya Bean
Facunda Eloquent Speaker
Faith Confidence; Trust; Belief
Faithful Trust, Faith
Falicia Happiness, Joy
Faline Catlike
Falisha Happy. Feminine Of Felix
Fama Rumor
Fanchon From France, Free
Fani Free
Fania Free
Fanny From France, Free
Fantasia Fantasy
Farah Beautiful, Wild Ass
Farra Beautiful, Wild Ass
Farrah Beautiful, Wild Ass
Fausta Fortunate or lucky
Feliciana a variant of Felicia
Felicitas a variant of Felicia
Fidelia Faithful
Filippa a variant of Philippa
Filomena An alternate form of Philomena
Fiorela a variant of Flora
Fiorella little flower
Flavia Blond or fair haired
Flaviana a variant of Flavia
Florenza Blooming or flowering
Fortuna Fortunate or lucky
Francesca a variant of Frances
Franceska a variant of Frances
Franchesca a variant of Francesca
Francheska a variant of Francesca
Francisca a variant of Frances
Fulvia Blonde

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Choosing the Latin name for your baby Girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Latin baby name for your baby Girl, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Latin Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Latin names, Latin biblical Baby Names Both male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.