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          Kannada  Baby Boy Names Starting with V

     Kannada Names :    Kannada Baby Boy Names

Kannada Baby names for your baby. In this list we have 353 Kannada baby boy names which begin with letter V. You can read  baby names of Kannada origin starting from V with meanings for free.

To choose the Kannada baby Boy name for your baby with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby name list below.

 Kannada  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings

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Kannada Boy Names Meaning
VaasukiA celestial cobra
Vaatsyaayan An author of old times
Vachan Speech
Vadish Lord of the body
VagindraLord of speech
Vagish God of speech (Lord Brahma)
VahinLord Shiva
Vaibhav Prosperity
VaidyanaathMaster of medicines,
VaijnathLord Shiva
Vaikartan Name of Karna
VaikhanLord Vishnu
Vaikunth Heaven
VainavinLord Shiva
Vairaj Spiritual glory
VairajaSon of Virat
Vairat Gem
VairinchyaLord Brahma's son
Vairochan An ancient name
VaisakA Season
Vaishant Quiet and Shining Star
Vaiwaswat One of the Saints
VajasaniLord Vishnu's son
Vajendra Lord Indra
VajraangDiamond bodied
Vajradhar Lord Indra
VajrahastLord Shiva
Vajrajit Lord Indra
VajrakaySturdy like Metal, Lord Hanuman
Vajrin Lord Indra
VakrabhujLord Ganesh
Vakratund An epithet of Ganesha
ValaakA crane
Vallabh Beloved
ValmikiSaint who wrote Ramayan
Vama Lord Shiva
VanabihariLord Krishna
Vanad Cloud
VanadevLord of the forest
Vanajit Lord of the forest
Vanhi Fire
VanijLord Shiva
Vaninadh Husband of Saraswati
VanshComing Generation of father
VansidharLord Krishna
Varaah An epithet of Vishnu
VaraahamihirAn ancient astronomer
VaradGod of fire
VaradaraajAnother name of Vishnu
VaradrajLord Vishnu
VaranHoly river
Vardhaman Lord Mahavir
VardhanLord Shiva
Varendra Ocean
VareshLord Shiva
Vareshvar Lord Shiva
Varidhvaran Colour of the cloud
Varin Gifts
VarindraLord of all
Varish Lord Vishnu
VariyaExcellent one
Variyas Lord Shiva
Vartanu Beautiful
VarunGod of waters
Varunesh Lord of water
Vasav An epithet of Indra
VasavajSon of Indra
Vashisht Name of a guru
Vasu An ancient king
VasudevGod of the Universe
Vasuki A Famous Snake in Hindu Mythology
VasumanBorn of fire
Vasumat Lord Krishna
VasupatiRich man
Vasur Precious
VasuroopLord Shiva
Vasusen Original name of Karna
Vatsal Affectionate
VatsapalLord Krishna
Vatsar A year
VatsinLord Vishnu
Vaydeesh God of The Vedas
VayuLord Hanuman
Vayujat Lord Hanuman
Vayunand Lord Hanuman
Ved Knowledge
VedamohanLord Krishna
Vedang From the Vedas
VedantHindu philosophy
Vedanth One who knows Vedas in depth
VedatmanLord Vishnu
Vedavrata Vow of the Vedas
VedeshLord of Vedas
Vedmohan Lord Krishna
VedswarupForm of Knowledge
Veerbhadra The Ashwamedha horse
VeerendraLord of courageous men
VeerottamSupreme amongst braves
VelanLord Shiva's son
Venavir Lord Shiva's son
VeniLord Krishna
Venimadhav Lord Krishna
VenkatLord Vishnu; Lord Krishna
VenkateshName of god Vishnu
Venkateswarname of lord Venkateswara
VeydantSum of the Vedas
Viamrsh Lord Shiva
VibhaakarThe moon
Vibhaavasu The sun
VibhasDecoration; light
Vibhat Dawn
VibhavasuThe sun, fire
Vibhishan A character from Ramayana
Vibhu Powerful
VibhumatLord Krishna
Vibhut Strong
Vidarbh Ancient name of a state
VidehWithout form
Vidhatru Lord Shiva
VidheshLord Shiva
Vidhu Lord Vishnu
VidhyadharFull of Knowledge
Vidip Bright

Vidojas Lord Indra
Vidvan Scholar
VidvatamLord Shiva
Vidyaarany Forest of learning
Vidyadhar Learned
VidyaranyaForest of knowledge
Vidyasagar Ocean of learning
VidyutBrilliant; Lightening
Vighnajit An epithet of Ganesha
VighneshLord Ganesh
Vighneshwar Lord of supreme knowledge
VigrahLord Shiva
Vihaan Morning; Dawn
VihangA bird
Vihari Lord Krishna
Vijayant Victor
VijayarathnaSignificant among victorious
VijayendraGod of victory
VijayeshLord Shiva
Vijayketu Flag of victory
Vijeta Victorious
VijigeeshDesire of victory
Vijul A silkcotton tree
Vikarnan Son of Dhritrashtra
Vikat Of The Monstrous Figure; Lord Ganesha
Vikesh The moon
Vikramaditya A famous king
VikramajitA famous king
Vikramendra King of prowess
VikraminLord Vishnu
Vikrant Powerful
ViksarLord Vishnu
Vikunth Lord Vishnu
Vilaas Entertainment
Vilasin shining , beaming , radiant
Vilochan The eye
VilohitLord Shiva
Vilok To see
Vimal Pure
VimaladityaClean sun
Vimalmani pure jewel (crystal)
VimridhLord Indra
Vinaayak Remover of obstacles
VinahastLord Shiva
Vinamr Humble
Vineet Humble
Vinil Blue
VinochanLord Shiva
Vinod Pleasing
VipanSail, petty trade
Vipaschit Lord Buddha
VipinForest grove
Vipinbehari Forest wanderer
Vipreet Different
Vir Brave
ViraajTo shine
Viraat Giant
VirabhadraLord Shiva
Viraj Sun
Viranath Lord of the brave
ViranchiName of Brahmaa
Virat Supreme being
Virbhanu Very strong
VirendraBrave lord
Viresh Brave lord
VireshvarLord Shiva
Virikvas Lord Indra
VirochanThe sun
Virtuous Jewel of virtue
Virurch The Holy trinity
Visamaksh Lord Shiva
VishakhLord Shiva
Vishal Huge
VishalakshLord Shiva
Vishalya Painless
VishantakLord Shiva
Vishatan Lord Vishnu
Vishikh Arrow
Vishnahpu Lord Vishnu
VishnuRoot, almighty
Vishnudev God
VishnuduttGift of Lord Vishnu
Vishodhan Lord Vishnu
Vishresh The Holy trinity
Vishv Universe
VishvaEarth, universe
Vishvadev Lord of the universe
VishvadharLord Vishnu
Vishvag Lord Brahma
VishvahetuLord Vishnu
Vishvajit Conqueror of the world
VishvakarmaArchitect of the universe, son of Yogasiddha
VishvaketuAn epithet of Aniruddh
VishvamitraA sage
Vishvanaath Lord of the universe
VishvanabhLord Vishnu
Vishvanath Lord of the universe
VishvaretasLord Brahma; Vishnu
Vishvas Faith
VishvatmaUniversal soul
Vishvesh Lord of the world
VishwaamitraFriend of the world
VishwajeetConquerer of the world
VishwakarmaArchitect of the universe
VishwamitraFriend of the universe
VishwankarCreator of the universe
Vishwatma Universal soul
VishweshwarLord of the universe
Visu Name of Lord Shiva
VisvajitOne who conquers the universe
VisvayuBrother of Amavasuand Satayu
Vitabhay Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
VitaharyaLord Krishna
Vitashokha One who does not mourn
VitastaRiver Jhelum in Sanskrit
VithalaLord Vishnu
Vittanath owner of money ( Kuber )
VitteshLord of wealth
Vitthal Lord Vishnu
VivaanLord Krishna
Vivash Bright
VivaswatThe sun
Vivatma Universal soul
Vivekananda Joy of discrimination
VizivitThe sun
Vrajalal Lord Krishna
VrajamohanLord Krishna
Vrajanadan Lord Krishna
VrajeshLord Krishna
Vrajkishore Lord Krishna
VrajmohanLord Krishna
Vrajraj Lord Krishna
VrateshLord Shiva
Vrisa Lord Krishna
VrisagLord Shiva
VrisanLord Shiva
Vrisangan Lord Shiva
VrishankLord Shiva
Vrishin Peacock
Vyan Air
VyasThe author of Mahabharata
Vyom Sky
VyomaangPart of the sky
Vyomesh The sun

End of Kannada Baby Boy Names starting with V

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Kannada baby boy names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region. Kannada baby boy names are also based on caste, epics and Indian Kannada Mythology. Choosing the Indian Kannada name for your baby boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princedeserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Indian Kannada baby name for your baby boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Indian Kannada Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names, Kannada Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.