Some Cool Jokes for Children (Page-7)

Father: If you will not turn that t.v. off, I'll go mad.
Son: But, Dad- I turned it an hour ago!

Father : "Work hard and you will get ahead."
Son : "But, dad I have already got a head."

Henry : Mom, Do you like baked apples?"
Mother : "Yes, I love them."
Henry : "It's good, because the orchard is on fire."

Marie : "papa, are the next door neighbours very poor?"
Dad : "I don't think so."
Marie : "Then why did they make such a fuss when their baby swallowed a 50p coin."

A father was praising his son to his neighbour when the boy came up the road carrying a chicken.
"Where did you get the chicken?" the father asked his son.
"Stole it." said the boy,
The father turned to his neighbour and said proudly, "This is my boy. He may steal but he would not tell a lie."

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