Some Good Jokes for Children (Page-6)

At a parent-teacher meeting, a mother told his teacher, "My son is a very sensitive boy."
"Yes" said the teacher, "I've noticed that. Is there something we should do  about it?"
"Well," said the mother, "If my son misbehaves, please spank the boy next to him."

Father: There is something wrong with my shaving brush.
Son: That is funny. It was all right when I painted my bike with it.

A little four year old girl said to her mother,"Mummy, how lon is it to my birthday?"
"Not very long, dear," the mother said.
"Well," she asked, "Is it time for me to begin being a good girl?"

Guest :"Why do you sing when you really don't have a good voice?"
little girl: Oh, I hate to do that. But Mummy makes me to do so when she wants the visitors to leave."

Rohit : "Mom, how much am I worth to you?"
Mom : Why, you are worth more than a million to me dear.
Rohit : Well, could you advance me twenty five rupees?

A woman asked her husband to buy her a new car. The husband was sore and replied angrily, "Wht do you think, cars grow on trees?"
"Of course not," said the wife. "Everybody knows that they come from plants."

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