Some Good Jokes for Children (Page-5)

Son : "Dad, it says here that a certain man was a financial genius. What does that mean?"
Father : "That he could earn money faster than his family could spend it."

Papa: "When I was your age, I was working for a pound, a week in a store and at the end of four years, I owned the store."
Son: "You can't do that nowadays. They have cash registers."

"Come out and play," shouted a little girl in front of her friend's house.
"I can't, called her friend from the window. "If I don't watch Dad, he won't do my homework."

Mother was helping her son with his homework and asked, "How much is seven and four?"
"Twelve," said the son.
"Not bad for a little shaver," said his dad, who was listening, "he only missed it by two."

A mother, whose daughter had not come home on schedule, grew worried and telegraphed five of her daughter's friends. The answer to her telegrams arrived. Each one read: "Don't worry. mary is staying with me tonight."

Mother: "Why such low marks?
Son: These are the highest among failures.

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