Funny Jokes for Kids (Page-4)

FIrst child : My father bathes twice a week.
Second child : O yes, my papa bathes three times a week.
Third child : That's nothing - my Dad keeps himself so clean that he never has to bathe!

A loving wife left for a long holiday.
When the husband opened the sugar pot the next day, he found a note saying, "I love you." In the coffee pot he found a note saying, "I am missing you." The man was very happy to find little endearing notes all over.
Then on saturday evening when he put his new shirt on to go out, he found a note that said "And where the hell do you think you are going?"

Tommy said, "I think it's true when they say television causes violence."
Alex said, " What makes you think that?"
Tommy said, "Because every time i switch it on, my dad clouts me."

Son to his Dad, "Dad, you know you always worry about me failing in maths?"
Dad - "Yes."
Son - "Well, Your worries are over."

A child saw a deer at the zoo and asked the keeper what animal it was. The keeper smiled, "What does you mother call your father every morning?"
The child smiled, "Don't tell me. that's a shunk!"

A man asked a boy how old he was.
"Twelve," was the reply.
"Hmm," remarked the man, "You are well built for your age."
"I ought to be," said the boy, "My father is an architect."

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