Funny Jokes for Children (Page-3)

Rina  -  How did you finally cure your son of biting his nails?
Her friend - Simple, I knocked out all his teeth.

Amit - Your dad's shaved his head again. That's the third time this year!
Raj - That's right - It's for my Mom- She's stuffing a cusion.

Teacher - "I don't see how it's possible for one person to make so many errors in his maths homework."
Student - "Oh, It is not one person, Mam - my father helped me."

Mom - I've just washed your school shirt, It'll be nice and clean tomorrow.
Son - Well, that's ruined it. I've got a maths exam tomorrow and I had all the answers written on my cuff."

Son - "Mummy May I go to swimming?"
Mom - "No, you may not. There are sharks here."
Son - "But Papa is also swimming."
Mom - "He's insured."

Rohit was reading through the facts and figures of some insurance tables.
He said,"Do you realize,"Every time I breathe out, a man dies?
To which his mother replied, "In that case, I think it would be a kind act to use a little mouthwash occasionally."

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