Jokes for kids (Page-1)

Papa - "Have you been a good boy at school today?"
Son - "I sure was. You can't get into much trouble when you are standing in the corner all day."

Papa - "The school report gives you D grade for conduct and A grade for courtesy. How did you manage that?
Son - "Whenever I punch someone, I say sorry."

Papa - "How are your science grades?
Daughter - "I'm afraid they are under water.
Papa - What is that supposed to mean?
Daughter - They are below C level.

Son - I now have almost 2000 bones in my body.
Papa - How's that possible?
Son - I had sardines for lunch.

Father - I am fed up with your long distance calls. From now on you'll talk for just one minute.
Daughter - But dad, what can I say in one minute?
Father - You can say, please call back.

Raj - "My father fell asleep in the bathtub with the water running."
Amit - "Did the bathtub overflow?"
Raj - No, Papa sleeps with his mouth open."

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