Jokes for Children (Page-2)

Annie - Mumma, does God go to the bathroom?
Mumma - No, my dear, Why do you ask?
Annie - Well, this morning I heard Dad knock on the bathroom door and say, "Oh, God. are you still in there?"

Anvi was saying her bedtime prayers, "Please God," she said, "Make Naples the capital of Italy. Make Naples the capital of Italy."
Her mother interrupted and said, "Anvi, Why do you want God to make Naples the capital of italy?"
Anvi replied, "Because that's what I wrote in my geography exam!"

Naman - Mumma, can I have 10 rupees for an old man crying outside in the street?
Mumma - Yes, of course. What's he crying about?
Naman - Choco-Pie - 10 rupee each.

A mother was having discipline problem with her children. At dinner one day she said: From tomorrow, anyone who jumps up and listens to me immediately, I will give a weekly prize.
The four year old child said,"That's not fair mom, Dad will get the prize every week."

A school boy went home with a pain in his stomach.
His mom said, "Well sit x and dring your tea," "Your stomach is hurting because it's empty. It will be all right when you've got something in it."
After sometime his father came in from office , complaining of a headache.
his bright son said,"That's because it's empty, you'd be all right if you had something in it."

Father - Raju, why are your school report so bad lately?
Son - "Oh, that's the teacher's fault, Dad."
Father - What do you mean, it's the teacher's fault? Your exam marks used to be always very good and you have got the same teacher. Haven't you?
Son - Yes, but I haven't got the most intelligent boy in class sitting next to me. The teacher moved him.

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