Irish Baby Girl Names

Baby Names Meanings
Aine Queen of the fairies.
Akaisha The name of a flower.
Ashling Dream.
Bevin The one who possesses sweet voice.
Brenna Strong.
Bryna Strength.
Caley Slender.
Carin Friend.
Cathleen Pure.
Christy, Christiona A follower of the Christ.
Duana A little maiden.
Ena Ardent.
Fallon A leader.
Fiona Fair.
Kayley Slender.
Keera Dark.
Kelly A warrior.
Kyna Intelligent.
Mairead Pearl.
Mona Noble.
Myma Loved one.
Neala The daughter of a sea God in Irish mythology.
Orla Golden.
Renny Small but powerful.
Rosaleen Beautiful rose.
Ryann A little king.
Shawn God is gracious.
Sheridan Wild.
Talulla A prosperous lady.
Treasa Reaper.
Vevila Melodious.
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