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Hindu Baby Names >> Hindu baby boy names starting with V

       Indian  Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with V

    Hindu Baby Names  :  Indian hindu  boy Names starting with V

In this section we have  351  unique, sweet and latest Indian Hindu baby names which begin with letter V for new born baby boy. You can read new born baby names of Hindu origin starting from V with meanings for free.

To choose the Indian hindu names  for your baby boy with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby boy name list below.

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Hindu Baby boy Names Meaning
Venkat Divine, Lord Krishna.
Venkatesh Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.
Venu Flute, bamboo.
Veera The brave
Viraj Splendour
Velan Another name for Lord Murugan
Vendan King
Vengai Brave
Venkataraman Incarnation of Vishnu as Lord Rama
Venimadhav Lord Krishna
Venugopala Lord Krishna
Vetrival Successful
Vibhakar Sun, moon, fire.
Vibhanu Shining, radiant.
Vibhas Decoration; light
Vibhasit Illuminated.
Vibhat Dawn
Vibhav Power, majesty, dignity.
Vibhavasu Full of light, sun, moon.
Vibhi Fearless.
Varutra Protector, guardian, a deity.
Varya Eminent, chief, wealth, valuable.
Vasant spring
Vasistha Name of a sage,  most excellent
Vasu Divine, precious
Vasudev Father of God Krishna.
Vatsal Affectionate
Vats Child, a descendant of Kanva
Vayubhuti Born of wind.
Vayujat Lord Hanuman.
Vayujwal A rishi.
Vayun Moving, active, alive, clear.
Vayunand Son of the wind, Lord Hanuman.
Vayuretas As powerful as the wind, a rishi.
Vayuveg As swift as the wind.
Vayya Friend, companion.
Ved A sacred text

Vedmohan Lord Krishna
Vedacharya Teacher of the Vedas.
Vedanga Meaning of Vedas
Vedant Wisdom, end of the Vedas.
Vedagath Singer of the Vedas.
Vamadeva Noble Lord, One of the 5 faces of Shiva
Vamshi Divine flute.
Vanad Desirable, rain giving, a cloud.
Vanadev Lord of forest.
Vanaj Blue lotus.
Vanajam Blue lotus.
Vanamalin Lord Krishna.
Vanapal Protector of the forest.
Vanas Loveliness.
Vanayu Long lived.
Vandan Salutation.
Vanajit Lord of the forest
Vandin One who praises and honours.
Vandit Praised, celebrated.
Vaneyu A sage.
Vanij Lord Shiva.
Vanishth Very generous.
Vansidhar Lord Krishna.
Vanu Eager, friend.
Vapun God, Knowledge.
Vapus Wonderful, admirable.
Vara Gift, reward, river, blessing.
Varad A rishi, God of fire.
Varadraj Lord Vishnu.
Varali The moon.
Varaptam Best, excellent.
Varayu Best.
Vajachandra Moon among the strong.
Vajajit Reward winner.
Vajapati The lord of reward.
Vajaratna Gem of rewards, rich in treasures.
Vajasani Lord Vishnu.
Vajin Swift, hero, strong.
Vajra Lord Krishna's great grandson, diamond.
Vajrabha Diamond like.
Vajradatt Born of a might one.
Vajradeh Strong bodied.
Vajradhar Lord Indra
Vajrahast Mighty, Lord Shiva.
Vajrajit Powerful, Lord Indra.
Vajramani Hard jewel, diamond.
Vajranshu As bright as a diamond.
Vajrapani Lord Indra.
Vajrasar With the essence of a diamond, bright, precious.
Vajrasen Strong armed.
Vajrashri Divine diamond.
Vajrat Hard.
Vajratik Diamond like.
Vikramesh Bravery.
Vikramin Lord Vishnu.
Vikranta brave
Viksar Lord Vishnu.
Vikunth Lord Vishnu.
Vikusra The moon.
Vilas Play
Vilohit Lord Shiva.
Vilok To see
Vilokan Gaze
Vilmad Sober, truthful.
Vimahat Great.
Vimal Pure
Vimanyu Free from anger.
Vimarsh Lord Shiva, knowledge.
Vimb An illuminating ray of light.
Vimochan Lord Shiva.
Vimridh Lord Indra.
Vimuch Liberated, sage.
Vinahast Lord Shiva.
Vinamra Modest, humble.
Vinand To rejoice.
Vinat Modest, humble.
Vinay Modesty
Vinayak Lord Ganesh
Vind To gain.
Vinduman Scholar, wise.
Viradharm Path of bravery.
Viraj Splendid, shining, the sun.
Virajin Splendid, brilliant.
Virajit Glorious, renowned.
Viral Priceless
Viralmani Priceless jewel.
Viranath Lord of the brave.
Virang Strong body.
Virat Shining, brilliant.
Viratar Strong hero.
Viravrat A brave king.
Virendra Brave lord
Virepas Faultless.
Viresh Brave lord
Vireshvar Lord Shiva.
Virinch Lord Vishnu.
Virochan The moon, Lord Vishnu.
Virohan Budding.
Virohin Sprouting.
Virok A ray of light.
Viruj Healthy.
Virukmat Shining brightly.
Virupaksa Diversely eyed
Viryaj The sun.
Viryavat Strong, powerful.
Vishadh Pure, brilliant.
Vishakh Branched, Lord Shiva.
Vishal Immense
Vishva The earth.
Vishvabhu Creator of the universe.
Vishvabhraj All illuminating.
Vishvabodh Knower of the universe.
Vishvadev The lord of the universe.
Vishvadhar Lord Vishnu.
Vishvag Lord Brahma.
Vishvahetu Lord Vishnu.
Vishvajit Conqueror of the universe.
Vishvak All pervading, a sage.
Vishvakarma Creator of the world.
Vishwamitra A sage
Vishwanatha The lord of the universe.
Vishvanabh Lord Vishnu.
Vihvap The sun, the moon, fire.
Vishvapal Protector of the universe.
Vishvaraj To rule the world, the almighty.
Vishvaretas Lord Bramha and Lord Vishnu.
Vishvas Confidence, trust.
Vishvashri Treasure of the universe.
Vishvatanu Omnipresent.
Vividh Knowing, variety.
Vivkta Pure, clear, distinguished.
Vivikvas Lord Indra.
Vivin Full of life.
Vivitsu Desire for knowledge.
Vivam To expand.
Viyanmani The sun.
Vrajakishore Lord Krishna
Vrajesh Lord Krishna
Vrajlal Lord Krishna.
Vrajamohan Lord Krishna
Vrajanadan Lord Krishna
Vrajraj Lord Krishna.
Vratesh Lord Shiva.
Vratya Obedient, faithful.
Vrijbal Strong.
Vrika The sun, the moon.
Vrisa Best, chief, the sun, Lord Krishna.
Vrishab Chief, excellent.
Vrishag Lord Shiva.
Vrisangan Lord Shiva.
Vrishank Lord Shiva.
Vrishanku A sage.
Vrisapati Lord Shiva.
Vrishin Peacock
Vrishni Powerful, manly, Lord Shiva.
Vritt Firm character.
Vyabhas To illuminate.
Vyan Vital air.
Vyansh Having broad shoulders.
Vyasa The author of Mahabharata
Vyashva A rishi, king.
Vyom Sky
Vyomaang Part of the sky
Vyomakesh Sky like hair
Vyoman Heaven, sky, wind.
Vyombha Heaven like,
Vyomesh The sun
Vyomdev Lord Shiva
Vyatharana Name of a river.
Vyusta Dawn, daybreak.
Vishvatman Universal soul.
Vishvavasu Beneficent to all.
Vishvayu Known to all.
Vishwesh The lord Almighty
Vismay Surprise
Viswajit Conqueror of Universe
Viswas Trust
Vitabhay Fearless.
Vitahavya Lord Krishna.
Vitamanyu Free from anger.
Vitarag Calm, tranquil.
Vitashank Fearless, brave.
Vitath A sage.
Vitatya To expand, a king.
Vitak Very wealthy.
Vitap Guarding wealth.
Vittesh Lord of wealth.
Vithala, Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Vitul Extensive, king.
Vivashvat Brilliant, the sun.
Vivash Dawning, shining.
Vivekananda Joy of discrimination
Vivek Conscience
Vivekin Wise, prudent, full of knowledge.
Vishalaksh Lord Shiva, Large eyed.
Vishamaksh Lord Shiva.
Vishantak Lord Shiva.
Vishatan Lord Vishnu.
Vishwambhar The lord
Vishesh Special
Vishnu Lord Vishnu
Vishnudev Omnipresent God.
Vishnurat Given by Lord Vishnu.
Vishodhan Purifying, Lord Vishnu.
Vishok Without any grief.
Vishram Rest
Vishravas A sage.
Vishrut Happy, delighted.
Vishti A sage.
Vishuddh Pure, virtuous.
Vishudhir Pure, virtuous.
Vinetra Leader, teacher.
Vineet Unassuming
Vinesh Godly
Vinil Blue.
Viniray Victory, success.
Vinishchal Immovable, firm.
Vinod Pleasing
Vipashchit Lord Buddha, wise, learned.
Vipin Forest
Viplab Floating; revolution
Vipra A priest
Vipradhip The moon.
Vipratam Wisest.
Vipul Plenty
Vir Brave
Virabhadra Distinguished hero
Virbhanu Brave son.
Vajratulya Resembling a diamond.
Vajravir Strong warrior.
Vajrendra Lord Indra.
Vajresh Lord Indra
Vajrin Lord Indra.
Vakmay Worthy of praise.
Vakrabhuj Lord Ganesh.
Vakshan Nourishing, strengthening.
Vaksu Refreshing.
Vaktraj A bramhin.
Vaktrendru With a moon like face.
Valasak Handsome, Indian cuckoo.
Valavan Skillful
Vallabh Beloved
Vallabhendra Best beloved
Vallabhesvara Most beloved
Valgu Handsome, attractive.
Vallur A cluster of blossoms.
Valmiki, Valmik The author of the epic Ramayana
Vam Lovely, dear, pleasant.
Vamadatt Given by Lord Shiva.
Vamadev Noble, Lord Shiva.
Vamana Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Varchas Energy, brilliance.
Vardhaman Lord Mahavir
Vardhan Lord shiva.
Varadaraja Lord of boons
Vardhana Bestower of prosperity
varshwar Lord Shiva.
Varij Lotus
Variman Best, excellent.
Varin Rich in gifts.
Varindra Lord of the ocean
Varish Lord Vishnu.
Varisth Best, chief.
Varisu Best, extraordinary.
Variyas Excellent, best, Lord Shiva.
Varnu The sun.
Varun Lord of the sea
Varunesh Lord of water.
Varuth Abode, shelter.
Vedakumbh Master of the Vedas.
Vedprakash Light of the Vedas
Vedasar Essence of the Vedas.
Vedashva Carrying fame, a river.
Vedatman Soul of the Vedas, Lord Vishnu.
Vedavrata Vow of the Vedas
Vedavridh Learned of the Vedas.
Vedavyas Arranger of the Vedas, A rishi.
Vedesh Lord of the Vedas.
Vedeshwar Lord of the Vedas.
Vedh Pious, faithful.
Vedhas Pious, religious, brave, creator.
Vedi Wise, intelligent, teacher.
Vedij Wise pious.
Vedish Lord of the wise.
Vedoday The sun, origin of the Vedas.
Vedomohan Lord Krishna.
Veduk To acquire knowledge.
Vedya Well spoken.
Vegavan Swift, rapid.
Vegin Swift, wind.
Velan Son of Lord Shiva.
Velumani Strong willed.
Vibindu Fearless, the moon.
Vibhishan A character from the epic Ramayana
Vibhore Pleasure
Vibhraj Shining, splendid.
Vibhu All-pervading
Vibhumat Lord Krishna.
Vibhushana Decorated.
Vibhushnu Lord Shiva.
Vibhut Splendour, powerful.
Vibhuvash Powerful.
Vibhavan Divine.
Vibodh Intelligence, perception.
Vibudha Wise, learned, teacher, sage.
Vicharu Thoughtful, charming.
Vichintan Thought.
Vidal Life.
Videsh Foreign
Vidhatra Maker, creator.
Vidhatru Creator, Lord Shiva.
Vidhu Moon.
Vidip Shining, illuminating.
Vidipak Lamp.

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Hindu baby boy names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region. Hindu baby boy names are also based on caste, epics and Indian hindu Mythology. Choosing the Indian hindu name for your baby boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princedeserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Indian hindu baby name for your baby boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Indian hindu Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names, Hindu Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.