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       Hebrew Baby Girl Names Starting with S

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Hebrew Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have   unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest Hebrew baby Girl names which begin with letter S for new born baby Girl. You can read new born baby names of Hebrew origin starting from S with meanings for free.

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Hebrew Baby Girl Names Meaning
Sabeans Captivity, Conversion, Old Age
Sabra thorny cactus fruit
Sabrina Cactus Fruit
Sabtechah That Surrounds, That Causes Wounding
Sadducees Followers Of Sadoc, Zadok
Sade a variant of Sarah
Sadey Princess
Sadi a variant of Sadie
Sadie a familiar form of Sarah
Sahra a variant of Sarah
Saira a variant of Sara
Salome peaceful. History: Salome Alexandra was ..
Samah a variant of Sami
Samala asked of God
Samanatha a variant of Samantha
Samanfa a variant of Samantha
Samanta a variant of Samantha
Samantha told by God; listener
Samanthi God Has Heard
Samanthia God Has Heard
Samara Mountain, Outlook, Ruled By God, Guarded By God; Seedling
Samarah Mountain, Outlook, Ruled By God.
Samaria Watch-mountain
Samatha a variant of Samantha
Sameh listener
Samella Her Name Is God
Sammantha a variant of Samantha
Sammi a familiar form of Samantha, Samuela
Samone a variant of Simone
Samuela a variant of Samuel
Samuelle a variant of Samuel
Sanne lily
Sarai Argumentative
Sarita Princess
Schlomit Tranquil
Segulah Precious
Sela Rock
Sele Rock
Seleta Rock
Selima Tranquil
Semadar Berry
Semira From heaven
Serafine Burning fire
Seraphina Burning fire
Seraphine Burning fire
Serefina Burning fire
Shamira Precious stone
Shana God is gracious
Shara a short form of Sharon
Sharai princess
Sharna a variant of Sharon
Sharon Desert plain
Sharonda a variant of Sharon
Sharrona a variant of Sharon
Shauna a variant of Shana, Shaun
Shaunna a variant of Shauna
Shaunya a variant of Shauna
Shawna a variant of Shana, Shawn
Shawnna a variant of Shawna
Shayna beautiful
Sheena God is gracious
Sheiramoth From heaven
Shemariah Protected by God
Sherron a variant of Sharon
Shifra Beautiful
Shira Melody
Shiri Tune
Shlomit Peace
Shoshana a variant of Susan
Shoshannah Lily
Shulamit Tranquil
Shulamith peaceful
Shylo a variant of Shilo
Shyra a variant of Shira
Sidonia Captivates
Sidonie Captivates
Simcha Joyous
Simona God is heard
Simone Heard
Sinead Kind
Siobhan Kind
Sippora Bird
Sue Lily
Susan Lily
Susanna Lily
Susannah Lily
Susie Lily
Susy Lily
Suzanna Lily
Suzannah Lily
Suzetta Little lily
Suzette Little lily

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Choosing the Hebrew name for your baby Girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Hebrew baby name for your baby Girl, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Hebrew Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Hebrew names, Hebrew biblical Baby Names Both male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.