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       Hebrew Baby Boy Names Starting with H

    Hebrew Baby Names  :  Hebrew Baby Boy Names starting with H

Hebrew Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest Hebrew baby Boy names which begin with letter H for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of Hebrew origin starting from H with meanings for free.

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Hebrew Baby Boy Names Meaning
Habacuc embrace
Habaiah The Hiding Of The Lord
Habakkuk He That Embraces, A Wrestler
Habib Dearly loved
Hachaliah Who Waits For The Lord
Hachilah My Hope Is In Her
Hachmoni A Wise Man
Hadadezer Beauty Of Assistance
Hadar Glory of God
Hadarezer Beauty Of Assistance
Hadassah A Myrtle, Joy
Hadoram Their Beauty, Their Power
Hagar forsaken
Haggai Feast, Solemnity
Haggeri A Stranger
Haggi A Stranger
Ham hot. Bible: one of Noah's sons
Hanan Grace
Hananel God is gracious
Hannah Gracious
Hans God is gracious
Hansel God is gracious
Hanun Gracious, Merciful
Haran Mountainous Country
Harbonah His Destruction, His Sword
Harel Mountain of God
Hareph Winter, Reproach
Harhaiah Heat, Anger Of The Lord
Harhas Anger, Heat Of Confidence
Harim Destroyed, Dedicated To God
Harmon A biblical place name
Harran A Singing, Calling Out
Harrell Mountain of God
Harrod Heroic
Harsha Workmanship, A Wood
Harumaph Destruction
Haruz Careful
Hasadiah The Mercy Of The Lord
Haskel Ezekiel
Hayyim Life
Haziel visitor of God
Heber Partner
Heli he who offers himself to God
Heman faithful
Herchel a variant of Hershel
Herschel Deer
Hersh a short form of Hershel
Hershel Deer
Hezekiah God is my strength
Hieremias The Lord will uplift
Hillel greatly praised
Hiram Exalted
Hod Vigorous
Honi Gracious
Hosea Salvation
Hoshea Salvation
Husai the hirried one
Hyman Life
Hyrum a variant of Hiram

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Choosing the Hebrew name for your baby Boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little prince deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Hebrew baby name for your baby Boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Hebrew Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Hebrew names, Hebrew biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.