Gujarati Baby Girl Names Starting with J

Gujarati Baby Names : Gujarati Baby Girl Names

Gujarati Baby names for your baby girl. In this list we have 144 unique, modern, sweet and cute Gujarati Girl baby names which begin with letter J. You can read Girl baby names of Gujarati origin starting from J with meanings for free.

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Gujarati Baby Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings

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Gujarati Baby Names Meaning Gender Origin
Jaganmayee Goddess Lakshmi GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaganmohini Goddess Durga GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jagathi Of The Universe GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jagati Bestowed With Speed GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jagavi Born Of The World GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jagrati Awakening GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jagriti Vigilance GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jagruti Awareness GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jagvi Worldly GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jahanara Queen Of The World GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaheel Lake GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jahnavi Daughter Of Jahnu GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jailekha A Record Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaiman Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaimathi Victorious Mind GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaina Good Character GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaipriya Beloved Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaishree Honour Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaisudha Nectar Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaitashri Name Of A Music Raaga GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaiwanti Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jala clarity; Elucidation GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalabala A River GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaladhi Treasure Of Water GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaladhija Lakshmi GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalahasini Smile Of Water GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalaja Lotus GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalanhili As Blue As Water GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalbala Lotus Flower GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalela Goddess Of Water GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalpa Discussion GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalpoorna Full Of Water GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jalsa Celebration GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jameela beautiful GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jameerah beautiful One GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jamini Night GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jamuna A Holy River GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janaan heart Or Soul GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janaki Seeta GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janaknandini Daugter Of King Janak (sita) GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janani Mother, Tenderness GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janata Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Janavika Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Janhavi River Ganga GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janhitha One Who Thinks Of The Welfare GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janisha Dispeller Of Ignorance GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janitha Born GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Janki Goddess Sita GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jansi Life Like GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Januja Daughter GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jariyah Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jarn Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jarul Flower Queen GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasima Beautiful GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasmin A Flower GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasminder lord's Glory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasmit Famed GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasoda Mother Of Lord Krishna GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasodhara Mother Of Lord Buddha GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaspinder Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jaspreet Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jasu Brainy GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasum Hibiscus GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jasweer Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Javeria name of Prophet Muhammad's Wife GirlIndian(Gujarati)

Jaya Durga GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayakirthi Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jayalakshmi The Goddess Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayalalita Victorious Goddess Durga GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayamala Garland Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayan Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayani A Sakti Of Ganesha GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayanti Parvati GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayantika Goddess Durga; Parvati GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayaporna Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jayaprabha Light Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayaprada Giver Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayashree The Goddess Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayashri Goddess Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayasree Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jayasudha Nectar Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayati Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayavanti Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayita Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayitri Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayna Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayne Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jayshree Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jayshri Goddess Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jaysree Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jeel Silent Lake GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jeeteshi Goddess Of Victory GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jeeva Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jeeval Full Of Life GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jeevankala Art Of Life GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jeevanlata Creeper Of Life GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jeevika Water GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jeevitha Life GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jemini Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jenya Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jesal Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jeshna Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jeshri Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jesmitha Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jetashri A Raga GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jhalak Glimpse; Spark; Sudden Motion GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jharna A Stream GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jhilmil Sparkling GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jhinuk Oyster GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jiaan Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jigi Laxmi GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jigisha Superior GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jigna Intellectual Curiosity GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jignasa Academic Curiosity GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jigya Curiosity To Know GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jigyasa Curiosity To Know Things GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jigyasha Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jilpa Life Giving GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jinal Lord Vishnu GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jisha Having the feelings GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jithya Victorious GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jivi Life GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jivika Source Of Life GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jivita Life GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jiya Sweet Heart GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jnya Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Joel God GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Joshika Young Maiden GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Joshita Pleased GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Joshitha Pleased GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Josya Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Jovita Joy GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jowaki A Firefly GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Joya Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Juana Girl Indian(Gujarati)
Juhi A Flower GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jui A Flower GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Juily A Flower GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jyeshtha Eldest Daughter, A Nakshatra GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jyoti Flame, Lamp GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jyotika Light; A Flame GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jyotishmati Lustrous GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jyotsana Goddess Durga GirlIndian(Gujarati)
Jyotsna Moon Light GirlIndian(Gujarati)

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Gujarati baby Girl names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region. Gujarati baby Girl names are also based on caste, epics and Indian Gujarati Mythology. Choosing the Indian Gujarati name for your baby Girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for her. Your little princess  deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Indian Gujarati baby name for your baby Girl, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Indian Gujarati Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names, Gujarati Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.

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