Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Gujarati Baby Names : Gujarati Baby Boy Names

In this list we have 272 Gujarati boy baby names which begin with letter D. You can read boy baby names of Gujarati origin starting from D with meanings for free.

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Gujarati Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings

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Gujarati Baby Names Meaning
Dhanajit Wealth
DhananadPleasure Of Having Wealth
DhananjayOne Who Wins Wealth
DhanapatiLord Of Wealth
Dhanesh Lord Of Wealth
DhanpalPreserver Of Wealth
Dhanraj Lord Kuber
DhansukhWealthy; Happy
Dhanu Name Of A Hindu Rashi (sagittarius)
DhanushThe Bow
Dhanvant Wealthy
DhanvantariDoctor Of Gods
Dhanvin Lord Shiva
DhanvineA Name For Lord Rama
Dharamnishth One Who Has Faith In Religion
DharanidharShesh The Cosmic Serpent
DharendraKing Of The Earth
DhareshLord Of Land
Dharish -
DharitreeThe Earth
Dharma Law (religious)
DharmachandraMoon Of Dharma
Dharmadas One Who Serves His Religion
DharmadevLord Of Law
Dharmaditya Son Of Dharma
DharmaketuWho Upholds The Right Way
DharmakirtiFame Of Religion
DharmanandOne Who Takes Pleasure In His Religion
DharmarajKing Of Religion
Dharmasastha Protector of dharma
DharmaveerProtector Of Religion
DharmendraKing Of Religion
DharmenduLight Of Religion
Dharmesh Master Of Religion
DharmikA Name For Lord Ganesha
Dharm-mitra Friend Of Religion
DharmpalProtector Of Religion
Dharmveer Religious
DhavalFair Complexioned
Dhavalachandra White Moon
Dheeman Intelligent
DheemantWise; Intelligent
Dheer Gentle
Dheerandra God Of Courage
DevajutaThe One With The Good

Devajyot Brightness Of The Lord
DevakanthaBeloved Of The Gods
Devakinandan Name Of Lord Krishna
DevakumarSon Of A God
Deval Name Of A Saint
DevamadanaGladdening The Gods
Devanand Joy Of God
DevanandanSon of god
Devang From God
Devansh Part Of God
DevapiAn Ancient King
Devappa Father Of King
DevarajKing Of The Gods
Devarpana Offerings To The Gods
DevarshiTeacher Of The God
Devarsi Sage Of The Devas
DevaryaDivine Belief
Devasenapati -
DevashishBlessing Of God
Devavrata One who accepts all Penances
Devdarsh Worshipper Of God
DevdasServant Of God
Devdatta Given By God
Devendra King Of Gods
DevendranathLord Of The King Of Gods
DevendrashikaProtector of All Gods
DeveshGod Of Gods
Deveshwar Lord Shiva
DevguruTeacher Of Gods ( Brihaspati )
DevidasServant (devotee) Of Godess
DevilalSon Of Godess
Devin Resembling A God
DeviprasadGift Of Godess
Devkinandan Son Of Devki
Devnath King Of Gods
DevpadDivine Feet
Devraj King Among Gods, Name Of Indra
Devsena Army Of Gods
DevvrataName Of An Ancient King
DeweshLord Of The Gods
Deyvayanakantan -
Dhairya Patience
DayakarMerciful Lord Shiva
Dayakara Compassionate
DayalKind Hearted
Dayamay Full Of Mercy
DayanandOne Who Likes Being Merciful
DayanidhiTreasure House Of Mercy
Dayasagar Extremely Kind, Sea Of Mercy
DayasagaraOcean Of Compassionate
DayashankarMerciful Lord Shiva
Debashis Benediction Of God
DebashishPleased By Gods
Debjit One Who Has Conquered Gods
DeenabandhavProtector of the downtrodden
DeenabandhuFriend Of The Poor
DeenanathLord Of The Poor
Deenath Lord Vishnu
Deepak Lamp, Kindle
DeepanLighting Up
Deepankar One Who Lights Lamps
DeependraLord Of Light
Deependu Bright Moon
DeepeshLord Of Light
Deepit Lighted
DeeptanshuThe Sun
Deeptendu Bright Moon
Deeptimoy Lustrous
DehabhujAnother Name For Lord Shiva
DenadayalHumble And Merciful
DevGod, King
Dev Kumar Son Of Gods
Devabrata A Name Of Bhisma
DevachandraMoon Among The Gods
Devadarshan Familiar With Gods
DevadasFollower Of God
Devadatt Gift Of The God
DevadattaGod Given
Devagya With Knowledge Of God
DevajFrom God
Dabeet Warrior
DahaBlazing, Very Bright
Dahak Powerfull
Daitya A Non Aryan
Daiwik By The Grace Of God
DakshA Son Of Brahma, Capable
Dakshesh Shiva
DakshiThe Glorious
Dakshinayan Some Movement Of The Sun
DalajitWinning Over A Group
Dalapathi Leader Of A Group
DalbhyaBelonging To Wheels
Dalpati Commander Of Group
DamanOne Who Controls
Damian Tamer
DamodarA Name Of Krishna
Dandak Forest
DandapaniAn Epithet For Yama
Danesh -
DanilaGod Is The Judge
Danta Calm, Name of Lord Hanumaan
DanujBorn Of Danu, A Danava
Danvir Charitable
Darpad Lord Shiva
DarpakKamdev, God Of Love
Darpan A Mirror
DarshLord Krishna
Darshak Spectator
DarshanPaying Respect, Religious Text
DarsheelSomething That Looks Good And Sober
DarukCharioteer Of Krishna, Tree
DarukaDeodar Tree
DarunHard Male Hindu
Das Servant
DashabahuTen armed
Dasharath The Father Of Lord Rama
DasharathiLord Rama
Dasmaya Beautiful
DattaOne Who Is Given
Dattatreya A Son Of Atri, A God
DattatreyaGift of Atri
Dattey Lord Indra
Daveen -
Dayada Son, Inheritor
DheerendraGod Of Courage
Dheivamani Blessed Gem
Dhevaneyan Pious
Dhilan Son Of The Waves
Dhinakar The Sun
Dhipin Exciting
DhirajPatience, Consolation
Dhiren One Who Is Strong
DhirendraLord Of The Brave
Dhivakar Sun
DhoomravarnaSmoke-Hued Lord
Dhrish -
Dhruddavrat Strong Willed meditator
DhrupadLord Krishna
Dhruv Pole Star
Dhruvish -
Dhruvpad The Oldest Style Of North Indian Classical
DhvanilThe Sound From Heaven
Dhvanya Suggested Meaning
Dhyan Conces
Dhyanesh Meditative
DhyaneshwarLord Of Meditation
Dhyani One Who Does Contemplation
Didar Vision
Digant Horizon
DigvastraSky Clad
Digvijay Who Is Victorious Over Everyone
Dilawar Brave
DilipKing Of The Solar Race
Dilpesh -
DinakarThe Sun
Dinanath Protector
DinapatiThe Sun
Dinar Gold Coin
DindayalKind to The Poor
Dinendra Lord Of The Day, The Sun
DineshSun, God Of The Day
Dinkar Sun
Dipak Lamp
DipenLord Of The Lamp
Dipendu Moon
DipeshLord Of Light
Diptanshu Sun
Divinanthan Lord Muruga Name
Divnesh Sun
DivyangDivine Body
Divyansh -
DivyanshuDivine Light, Sun
Divyendu Bright Moon
Diyan -
DnyandeepA Lamp Of Knowledge
Drishit Signs
DronProminent Mahabharata Character
DrupadA King
Druvam -
Dulal Dear One
DuraimuruganLord Murugan
Duranjaya A Heroic Son
DurgadasServant ( A Devotee ) Of Godess Durga
DurgaduttGift From Godess Durga
DurgeshLord Of Forts
Durijesh Moon
DurjaThe Invincible
Durjay Difficult To Conquer
DurmadThe False Pride
Durvish Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison
DushyantName Of A King
Dushyanta A King From The Epic Mahabharata
DwijarajKing Of Brahmins; The Moon
DwijendraKing Of Brahmins
Dyumani Lord Shiva

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Gujarati baby boy names are based on a variety of systems and naming conventions, which vary from region to region. Gujarati baby boy names are also based on caste, epics and Indian Gujarati Mythology. Choosing the Indian Gujarati name for your baby boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little princedeserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Indian Gujarati baby name for your baby boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Indian Gujarati Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Sanskrit and Hindi names, Gujarati Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.

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