Goddess Sita Names: Baby Girl names from indian Hindu Mythology:

        Various names of Goddess Sita

Goddess Sita, regarded as the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, is one of the most popular Goddesses worshiped all over India. she is the consort of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She is known very well in her own right, for her own virtuous qualities. Goddess Sita is named as the daughter of ‘Bhudevi’ or Mother Earth since she arose from the earth and was found in a plough field. The king of Mithila, Janaka was overjoyed to find a baby in his field and brought her up with great love and care. One of her names is therefore Janaki.

 Goddess Sita is worshipped for her ideal womanly virtues and she stands before all Hindu women as a model of wifely attributes. Though she was subjected to intense suffering in her life, she always bore it with a cheerful countenance and this is what her followers are supposed to inculcate from her.

Goddess Sita represents a perfect example of loyalty, who left the comforts of a palace life to accompany her husband As a daughter, wife and a mother, Goddess Sita fulfilled all her roles with great dedication and sincerity. She showed the inherent strength present in a woman who refuses to compromise on her ideals while behaving with the utmost grace. She is worshipped in various parts of India along with Lord Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman.

Here is the list of Goddess Sita Names. She is known by many names and each one of them has a special meaning. If you keep the name of your baby girl on the name of a diety or goddess,you remember God everytime you spell your baby's name. Belief is, if the name sounds good, the baby will get positive influence being called with such a name. If you are also looking for a spiritual and mythological name for your baby girl, then your search ends with this list of  Goddess Sita Names..

Goddess Sita Names Meaning of the name
Bhaumi Goddess Sita
Janaki Goddess Sita
Janki Goddess Sita
Lakshaki Goddess Sita
Lasaki Sita, Made Of Lac
Maithili Goddess Sita
Mythili Goddess Sita
Mythily Goddess Sita
Parthavi Goddess Sita
Parthivi Goddess Sita
Sia Goddess Sita
Sita Wife Of Lord Rama
Sitesh Wife Of Lord Ram
Siya Goddess Sita
Vachya Goddess Sita