Goddess Lakshmi Names

Here is the list of Goddess Lakshmi Names. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.If you keep the name of your baby girl on the name of a diety or goddess,you remember God everytime you spell your baby's name. Belief is, if the name sounds good, the baby will get positive influence being called with such a name. If you are also looking for a spiritual and mythological name for your baby girl, then your search ends with this list of  Goddess Lakshmi Names.

Goddess Lakshmi Names Meaning of the name
Maaya Goddess Lakshmi
Mahakali A Form of Kali
Mahasri Goddess Laxmi
Mangala Most Auspicious
Manushi Goddess Laxmi
Mayanshi Related O Goddess Laxmi
Misheeta Goddess Laxmi
Nandhika Goddess Lakshmi
Nandika Goddess Lakshmi
Narayana Samashrita Sought Refuge in Narayana
Narayani Goddess Lakshmi
Navadurga All Nine Forms of Durga
Niketa Goddess Laxmi
Nirja Goddess Laxmi
NityaPushta Gaining strength Day By Day
Nrupaveshvagathananda Loves to Live in Palaces
Padma Goddess Lakshmi
Padmagandhini Having the Fragrance of Lotus
Padmahasta Having LotusLike Hands
Padmaja Born From Lotus, Lakshmi
Padmakshya Lotuseyed
Padmalaya Residing On The Lotus
Padmamaladhara Wearer of Lotus Garland
Padmamukhi LotusFaced
Padmanabhapriya Beloved of Padmanabha
Padmapriya Lover of Lotus
Padmasundari Beautiful Like the Lotus
Padmini Lotus
Padmodbhava One Who Emerged Out of the Lotus
Paramatmika Omnipresence
Poojasri Poojinche Lakshmi
Prabha Radiant Like the Sun
Prakruti Nature, Beautiful
Prasadabhimukhi Emerging to Grant Boons
Prasannakshi LivelyEyed
Preeta Pushkarini One with Pleasing Eyes
Priyangi Goddess Lakshmi
Punyagandha Having Divine Perfume
Pushti Healthy, Possessor Of All Wealth
Rajam Goddess Lakshmi
Rajm Goddess Lakshmi
Rama Goddess Lakshmi
Ramaa Pleaser of the Lord
Renjith Goddess Lakshmi
Roma Goddess Lakshmi
Rujula Who Endows Wealth, Lakshmi, Soft
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi
Samudratanaya Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk
Sanghavi goddess Lakshmi
Sanvi Goddess Lakshmi
Sanvika Goddess Lakshmi
Sanvitha Laxmi , Saraswathi
Sarvabhootahitaprada Granter of Universal Niceties
Sarvapadravanivarini Dispeller of all Distresses
Satya Truth
Shanta Full with peace or Calm
Shiva Auspicious
Shivakari Source of Auspicious Things
Shraddha Devoted
Shree Goddess Lakshmi
Shreeya Goddess Lakshmi
Shrikala Goddess Laxmi
Shrilaxmi Goddess Laxmi
Shrimati Goddess Lakshmi, Fortunate
Shrita Goddess Lakshmi
Shrivalli Goddess Lakshmi
Shubha Auspicious
Shubhaprada Granter of Auspicious Things
Shuchi Pure
Shuklamalambara Wearer of White Garland and Attire
Siddhi Achievement
Sindhuja Goddess Laxmi
Sreeya Goddess Laxmi
Sridatri Goddess Lakshmi
Sridevi Goddess Lakshmi
Srinithi Goddess Lakshmi
Sritha Goddess Lakshmi
Srivalli Goddess Lakshmi
Srividhya Lakshmi And Saraswati
Srividya Lakshmi And Saraswati
Straina Soumya Showering Goodness on Women
Sudena Lakshmi , A Real Goddess
Sudha Nectar
Sudiksha Goddess Laxmi
Sulakshmi Goddess Laxmi
Sundhuja Lakshmi , Born Of The Ocean
Suprasanna Ever Cheerful and Beaming
Surabhi Celestial Being
Swadha Shape of Swadhadevi(Inauspicious)
Swaha Wife Of Agni, The Lord Of The Fire
Swaha Shape of Swahadevi(Auspicious)
Swapanthi Goddess Lakshmi
Tharunika Goddess Lakshmi
Trikaladnyanasampanna Aware of all 3 the Past, Present and Future
Udaranga Endowed with a Beautiful Body
Vachi NectarLike Speech
Varada Goddess Lakshmi
Varalakshmi Granter of Bounty
Vararoha Ready to Offer Boons
Vasudha Earth
Vasudharini Bearing the the Burden of Earth
Vasundhara Daughter of the Earth
Vasuprada Bestower of Wealth
Vibha Night
Vibhuti Great Personality
Vidya Wisdom
Vikasni Goddess Lakshmi
Vikruti MultiFaceted Nature
Vimala Pure
Vimudha Goddess Lakshmi
Vishnupatni Consort of Vishnu
Vishnuvakshah Residing in Vishnu's Chect
Vishwajanani Mother of the Universe
Yashaswini Reputed