Lord Vishnu Names:names of God Vishnu, Baby Boy names from indian Hindu Mythology

In the basic Hindu Trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, the Hindu god Vishnu whose name means "All-Pervading," is the preserver and protector of creation. Vishnu is the embodiment of mercy and goodness, the self-existent, all-pervading power that preserves the universe and maintains the cosmic order Dharma.
According to hindu mythology, Vishnu is the Supreme Lord. Vishnu is best known through his ten avatars (incarnations), which appear on earth when there is disorder in the world. Rama and Krishna, whose stories are told in the Epics and the Puranas, are the most popular incarnations of Vishnu by far.

The ten incarnations of Avatars of Lord Vishnu are:

First incarnation of Vishnu : Matsya or the Fish incarnation : in this form Vishnu saved the Saint Vaivaswata, the hindu variety of the biblical Noah (or vice versa).
Second incarnation of Vishnu : Kurma or the Turtle incarnation
Third incarnation of Vishnu : Varaha or the Boar incarnation of Vishnu
Fourth incarnation of Vishnu : Narasingha or the Lion incarnation
Fifth incarnation of Vishnu : Vamana or the Dwarf incarnation
Sixth incarnation of Vishnu : Parasurama
Seventh incarnation of Vishnu : Ram
Eigth incarnation of Vishnu : Krishna
Ninth incarnation of Vishnu : Buddha
Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu : Kalki : still to come at the end of the Kaliyuga

The four hands of Vishnu express dominion over the four directions of space. They also symbolize the four stages of human life, known as the four ashrams:

The quest for knowledge (Brahamacharya)
Family Life (Grihastha)
Retreat into the Forest (Vana-Prastha)
Renunciation (Sannyasa)

Further, Lord Vishnu holds the following implements in his hands:
Conch shell: This is one of the most important emblems of Vishnu. The blowing of the conch symbolizes the primordial creative voice and Indian mysticism links it to the sacred sound OM, which is said to be the breath of Vishnu, pervading all space.
Discus (Chakra): The ancient text Vishnu Purana identifies the chakra with the human mind whose 'thoughts, like the chakra, flow faster than even the mightiest wind.'
Lotus: Thus the lotus is  the feminine force that activates the creative power of Lord Vishnu, like Shakti does for her Shiva. The lotus further signifies the well-known yogic ideal of detachment. This is because though this beautiful flower often grows in muddy waters, neither water nor dirt are ever seen sticking to its petals. Indeed Vishnu's message is amply reflected in the lotus, and informs us to partake of life's pleasures, without getting ensnared by them.
Mace : the mace represents the power of time. Just as nothing can conquer time, the mace too is unconquerable and destroys those who oppose it.

Here is the list of Lord/God Vishnu Names. If you are also looking for a spiritual and mythological name for your baby boy, then your search ends with this list of  God Ganesha Names....

Lord Vishnu Names List

God Vishnu Names Meaning of the name
Shriranga Lord Vishnu
Shriranjan Lord Vishnu
Shrish Lord Vishnu
Shrisha Lord Vishnu
Shrivara Lord Vishnu
Shrivarah Lord Vishnu
Shrivas Lord Vishnu
Shrivatsa Lord Vishnu
Shriyam Lord Vishnu
Sourish Lord Vishnu
Sreedhar Lord Vishnu
Sreenikesh Sri Maha Vishnu
Sreeyan Lord Vishnu
Sridhar Possessor Of Lakshmi, Possessor Of Good Fortune, Vishnu
Srihan Lord Vishnu
Srikar Lord Vishnu
Srivar Lord Vishnu
Srivathsa God Of Srimaha, Vishnu
Stavya Lord Vishnu
Stotri Lord Vishnu
Suhruth It Is One Of The Lord Vishnu Name
Sukhad Name Of Lord Vishnu
Suparn Lord Vishnu
Surajiv Lord Vishnu
Surbhup Lord Vishnu
Susen Lord Vishnu
Susesh With Good Armies(lord Vishnu)
Suyamun Lord Vishnu
Suyati Lord Vishnu
Svamin Lord Vishnu
Svar Lord Vishnu
Tridev Hindu Trinity ( Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh The Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer)
Trinabh Lord Vishnu
Trivikram Lord Vishnu
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu
Vaman Fifth Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu
Varah An Epithet Of Vishnu
Varish Lord Vishnu
Vastin Lord Vishnu
Vatsin Lord Vishnu
Vedatman Lord Vishnu
Venkat Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna
Venkatesh Name Of God Vishnu
Vidhu Lord Vishnu
Vikramin Lord Vishnu
Viksar Lord Vishnu
Vikunth Lord Vishnu
Vishatan Lord Vishnu
Vishnu Lord Vishnu, Root, To Pervade
Vishodhan Lord Vishnu
Vithala Lord Vishnu
Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Yajnesh Lord Vishnu