Lord Hanuman Names:108 names of God Hanuman, Baby Boy names from indian Hindu Mythology

Lord Hanuman is the symbol of devotion and dedication towards his Lord Rama. God Hanuman is considered as incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman is also known as the Monkey God, who represents strength, valor, wisdom, intellect and sincere devotion. Hanuman is a powerful God who observed celibacy throughout his life. Lord Hanuman is often worshipped to attain mental peace, knowledge, strength and power.

Lord Hanuman received his name from the Sanskrit words Hanu ("jaw") and -man ("prominent"). The name thus means "one with prominent jaw”. Another theory says the name derives from the Sanskrit words Han ("killed" or "destroyed") and maana (pride); the name implies "one whose pride was destroyed". Some Jain texts mention that Hanuman spent his childhood on an island called Hanuruha, which is the origin of his name.

He is also known as Bajarang Bali. It consists of two words: Bajarang and Bali. Bajarang means with a strong iron-like body. Bali means all powerful. Other names of Lord Hanuman are Pavan-Putra (meaning son of Vayu or wind), Maruti, Kesari-nandana (son of Kesari), Anjani-putra and Anjaneya (son of Anjani). Another name for Hanuman is sankat mochan. Sankat mochan means remover of troubles.

Hanuman represents the ideal selfless devotee. He is the symbol for physical strength, perseverance and devotion. Hanuman's mother's name was Anjani, and his father was Vayu, the wind-god. Because of this he could fly like the wind and was very swift. He was born with two kundalas (earrings) in his ears.

On the palm of either hand Hanuman has the signs of a dhwaja (yellow flag) and a vajra (lightning). On his forehead is the Bhagwan Vishnu — a U-shaped marking with a dot in the middle. Over his shoulder Hanuman wears the sacred thread of Brahmins, the Janeyu. His tail curves upwards and on the end hangs a bell. He always wears either red or saffron clothes. Red is the colour of strength and saffron is the colour of sacrifice. His favorite weapon is the gada, or the mace.

In the Ramayana Lord Rama turned to Hanuman to help with his problem of finding Sita. In another story from the Ramayana Hanuman flew to Sanjeevani to get some herbs to save Lakshmana’s (Rama's brother) life. He did not know which herbs to bring back and so lifted the whole hill and flew with it to save his life.

In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is one of the few Gods not afflicted by Shani. Hanuman is the one of the deities in Hindu religion, over whom Shani could not cast his spell. Shani could not overcome Hanuman and as such people worship Hanuman to get rid of malefic effects of Shani. His main mantra is Om Sri Hanumate Namah.

Here is the list of Lord/God Hanuman Names. If you are also looking for a spiritual and mythological name for your baby boy, then your search ends with this list of  God Hanuman Names....

Lord Hanuman Names List

God Hanuman Names Meaning of the namee
Anjaneya Son of Anjana
Anjanagarbhasambhoota Born of Anjani
Ashokavanikachhetre Destroyer of Ashoka Orchard
Akshahantre Slayer of Aksha
Balarka Sadrushanana Like the Rising Sun
Bheemasenasahayakrute Helper of Bheema
Batnasiddhikara Granter of Strength
Bhakthavatsala Protector of Devotees
Bajrangbali With strength of daamod
Bhavishya Chaturanana Aware of Future Happenings
Chanchaladwala Glittering Tail Suspended Above The Head.
Chiranjeevini Immortal
Chaturbahave Four-Armed
Dashabahave Ten-Armed
Danta Peaceful
Dheera Courageous
Deenabandhave Defender of the Oppressed
Daithyakulantaka Destroyer of Demons
Daityakarya Vidhyataka Destroyer of All Demons' Activities
Dhruddavrata Determined Meditator
Dashagreevakulantaka Slayer of the Ten-Headed Ravana Race
Gandharvavidya Tatvangna Exponent in the Art of Celestials
Gandhamadhana Shailastha Resident of Gandhamadhana
Hanumanta One with Puffy Cheeks
Indrajit Prahitamoghabrahmastra Vinivaraka Remover of the Effect of Indrajit's Brahmastra
Jambavatpreeti Vardhana Winner of Jambavan's Love
JaiKapeesh Hailing Monkey
Kapeeshwara Lord of Monkeys
Kabalikruta One who swallowed the Sun
Kapisenanayaka Head of the Monkey Army
Kumarabrahmacharine Youthful Bachelor
Kesarinandan Son of Kesari
Kesarisuta Son of Kesari
Kalanemi Pramathana Slayer of Kalanemi
Harimarkatamarkata Lord of the Monkeys
Karagrahavimoktre One who Frees from Imprisonment
Kalanabha Organizer of Time
Kanchanabha Golden-Hued Body
Kamaroopine Altering Form at Will
Lankineebhanjana Slayer of Lankini
Lakshmanapranadatre Reviver of Lakshmana's Life
Lankapuravidahaka The One Who Burnt Lanka
Lokapujya Worshipped by the Universe
Maruti Son of Marut (wind god)
Mahadhyuta Most Radiant
Mahakaya One with colossal body
Manojavaya Swiftness like Wind
Mahatmane Supreme Being
Mahavira Most Courageous
Marutatmaja Adored Like Gems
Mahabala Parakrama Of Great Strength
Mahatejase Most Radiant
Maharavanamardana Slayer of the Famous Ravana
Mahatapase Great Meditator
Navavyakruti Pandita Skilful Scholar
Parthadhwajagrasamvasine Having Principal Place on Arjuna's Flag
Pragnya Scholar
Prasannatmane Cheerful
Pratapavate Known for Valour
Paravidhyaparihara Destroyer of Enemies Wisdom
Parashaurya Vinashana Destroyer of Enemy's Valour
Parijata Tarumoolastha Dweller under the Parijata Tree
Prabhave Popular Lord
Paramantra Nirakartre Acceptor of Rama's Mantra Only
Pingalaksha Pink-Eyed
Pavanputra Son of Wind god
Panchavaktra Five-Faced
Parayantra Prabhedaka Destroyer of Enemies' Missions
Ramasugreeva Sandhatre Mediator between Rama and Sugreeva
Ramakathalolaya Crazy of listening Rama's Story
Ratnakundala Deeptimate Wearing Gem-Studded Earrings
Rudraveerya Samudbhava Born of Shiva
Ramachudamaniprada Deliverer of Rama's Ring
Ramabhakta Devoted to Rama
Ramadhuta Ambassador of Rama
Rakshovidhwansakaraka Slayer of Demons
Sankatamochanan Reliever of sorrows
Sitadevi Mudrapradayaka Deliverer of the Ring of Sita
Sarvamayavibhanjana Destroyer of All Illusions
Sarvabandha Vimoktre Detacher of all Relationship
Sarvagraha Nivashinay Killer of all Evil Effects of Planets
Sarvaduhkhahara Reliever of all Agonies
Sarvalolkacharine Wanderer of all Places
Sarvamantra Swaroopavate Possessor of all Hymns
Sarvatantra Sawaroopine Shape of all Hymns
Sarvayantratmaka Dweller in all Yantras
Sarvarogahara Reliever of all Ailments
Sarvavidhyasampath Pradayaka Granter of Knowledge and Wisdom
Shrunkalabandhamochaka Reliever from a Chain of Distresses
Sitashoka Nivarana Destroyer of Sita's Sorrow
Shrimate Honored
Simhikaprana Bhanjana Slayer of Simhika
Sugreeva Sachiva Minister of Sugreeva
Shoora Gallant
Surarchita Worshipped by Celestials
Sphatikabha Spotless, Crystal-Clear
Sanjeevananagahatre Carrier of Sanjeevi Mount
Shuchaye Pure, Chaste
Shanta Very Composed and Calm
Shatakanttamadapahate Destroyer of Shatakantta's Arrogance
Sitanveshana Pandita Skilful in finding Sita's Whereabouts
Sharapanjarabhedaka Destroyer of the Nest made of Arrows
Sitaramapadaseva Always engaged in Rama's Service
Sagarotharaka Leapt Across the Ocean
Tatvagyanaprada Granter of Wisdom
Vanara Monkey
Vibheeshanapriyakara Beloved of Vibheeshana
Vajrakaya Hard Like Metal
Vardhimainakapujita Worshipped by Mynaka
Vagmine Spokesman
Vijitendriya Controller of the Senses
Vajranakha Strong-Nailed
Vagadheeksha Lord of Spokesmen
Yogine Yogi (Saint)