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English Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest English baby Boy names which begin with letter T for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of English origin starting from T with meanings for free.

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English Baby Boy Names Meaning
Tab a short form of Tabner
Tabner drummer
Tadleigh poet from a meadow
Taft river
Tahurer Drummer
Talbert Bright Valley,
Talbott Boot Maker, Tall, Surname
Talcott cottage near the lake
Talen a form of Talon
Talford Tall, Surname
Tallbot An Aristocratic
Tallon a form of Talon
Talmadge lake between two towns
Talon claw, nail
Tandie team
Taner a form of Tanner
Tannere Leather Maker
Tannin tan colored; dark
Tanny a familiar form of Tanner
Tanton town by the still river
Tareton a form of Tarleton
Tarleton Thor's settlement
Tarrin Earthmen
Tarver tower; hill; leader
Taylan Tailor, A Blend of Taylor and Dylan, Surname, Tall
Tayler Tailor, Cutter of Cloth
Taylon Tailor, A Blend of Taylor and Dylan, Surname
Taylor To Cut, Tailor, One who Cuts Cloth, Cutter of Cloth
Tayson Son of the Tailor, Tailor, Surname
Teagan Little Poet, Bard, Poet
Teale small freshwater duck
Tearle stern, severe
Teasdale river dweller
Ted a short form of Theodore
Teddey Wealthy Defender, Gift of God
Teddie Gift of God, Diminutive of Edward, Wealthy Spearman, Wealthy Protector
Teddy a familiar form of Theodore
Tedman Protector of the Land, Wealthy Defender
Tedmond Protector of the Land, National Protector
Tedmund protector of the land
Tedric Gift of God, Abbreviation of Theodore
Tedrick Gift of God, Abbreviation of Theodore, A form of the Old German
Telford Works in Iron
Teller storyteller
Telmo tiller, cultivator
Temple From the Temple Settlement
Templeton town near the temple
Tenant Tenant, Renter
Tennant tenant, renter
Tennent Tenant, Renter
Tennyson a form of Dennison
Teo a form of Tom
Terell Thunder Ruler, Powerful, Late Summer
Terence Smooth, Old Form of the Roman Clan Name Terrance, Tender, Gracious, Good, Polished, Instigator, Rub, Turn, Twist
Terrall Thunder Ruler, Powerful, Following Thor, Thor, The God of Thunder
Terran Of the Earth, Earth
Terrel Thunder Ruler, Powerful, Following Thor, Thor, The God of Thunder
Terrell Thunder Ruler, Powerful, Thor, The God of Thunder, Follower of Thor, Stubborn
Terrill Thunder Ruler, Powerful, Thor, The God of Thunder, Follower of Thor
Terrin Harvester
Terris Son of Terrell, Tender, Gracious
Terron Sovereign, Terran, Earth-man, Variants are Contemporary Rhyming Blends of Ter Plus Darin
Terry a familiar form of Terrence
Terryl Following Thor, The God of Thunder
Terrys Son of Terrell
Tetley Tate's meadow
Thacher Roof Thatcher
Thacker Roofer
Thadeus Form of Thaddeus, Gift of God
Thaine Land Holder
Thane attendant warrior
Thatch Roof Thatcher
Thatcher roof thatcher
Thaw melting ice
Thawain Thaw
Thaxter Roof Thatcher
Thayer Rebel
Thayne Knight's Attendant, Follower, Land Holder
Thearl Stem
Thel upper story
Theo a short form of Theodore
Theobold Patriotic
Theodore Gift of God
Thom a short form of Thomas
Thomas Dependable
Thomdic From the Thorny Dike
Thompson son of Thomas
Thorgood Thor if good
Thorlea From Thor's Meadow
Thorlee From Thor's Meadow
Thorley Thor's meadow
Thorly From Thor's Meadow
Thormond Thor's protection
Thorndike thorny embankment
Thorne a short form of names beginning with "Th..
Thornley thorny meadow
Thornly From the Thorny Meadow
Thornton thorny town
Thorold Follower of Thor
Thorpe village
Thunder thunder
Thurlow Thor's hill
Thurman Thor's servant
Thurmond defended by Thor
Tidwal Harmful
Tieler a form of Tyler
Tige a short form of Tiger
Tighe a short form of Tiger
Tilden tilled valley; tiller of the valley
Tilford prosperous ford
Tilles Careful
Tillman Virile, People's Ruler
Tilman Virile
Tilton prosperous town
Timothy Honour God
Tinsley fortified field
Tirell Thunder Ruler
Titten Cute
Titus The Safe
Tobiah The Lord is Good, Goodness of God, God is Good
Tobias Goodness of the Lord
Tobie Abbreviation of the Hebrew name Tobiah meaning Jah is good.
Tobin Abbreviation of the Hebrew name Tobiah meaning Jah is good.
Toby God is Good
Tobyn Abbreviation of the Hebrew name Tobiah meaning Jah is good.
Tod a form of Todd
Todd Fox
Toft small farm
Toland owner of taxed land
Tolbert bright tax collector
Tolland Owns taxed land
Toller tax collector
Tolman tax man
Tom a short form of Thomas, Tomas
Tomkin little Tom
Tomlin Little twin
Tommie Twin
Tommy Derives from Thomas Twin.
Toney a form of Tony
Toni a form of Tony
Tonny a form of Tony
Tony Beyond Praise
Tonya Feminine form of Anthony
Topper hill
Torey a familiar form of Torrence
Torley From Thor's meadow
Torn From the thom tree
Torr tower
Torrey a familiar form of Torr
Torry a familiar form of Torr
Tory a familiar form of Torr
Toshan Satisfaction
Tostig Name of an earl
Toukere Tucker of doth
Tournour Lathe worker
Towley From the town meadow
Towney town meadow
Townly From the town meadow
Townsend town's end
Trace From Thracia. Surname dating from before the Norman conquest.
Tracey France, Brave, Place Name, From Thracia
Tracy From Thracia. Surname dating from before the Norman conquest.
Trader a form of well-trodden path; skilled wor..
Trae a form of Trey
Trai a form of Trey
Travell traveler
Travis To Cross the River, Form of Travers, Crossroads, Crossing, Toll Taker, Collector of Tolls
Travis "at a crossroad." Country singer Travis ..
Travis, Travers At the Crossing
Travon Fair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan, Brave One
Tray a form of Trey
Trayton town full of trees
Trea a form of Trey
Tredway well-worn road
Trent Torrent
Treowe Loyal
Trevan Fair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan
Trevell a form of Travell
Trevelyan Elian's homestead
Treven Fair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan
Trevis a form of Travis
Trevls Surname and Place-name, Treves
Trevon Combination of Trey and Von, Created Name, Fair Town
Trevor Great House
Trevyn Fair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan
Trey three; third
Treyton a form of Trayton
Tri a form of Trey
Trip traveler
Tripp traveler
Trisha Victory
Tristan Sorrowful
Trot trickling stream
Trowbridge bridge by the tree
Troy After the City
Truesdale faithful one's homestead
Truitt little and honest
Truman A Faithful, Loyal Man
Trumble strong; bold
Trumen Loyal
Trustin trustworthy
Tucker fuller, tucker of cloth
Tupper ram raiser
Turk from Turkey
Turner Lathe Worker, Carpenter, Champion in a Tournament, Woodworker
Twain divided in two. Literature: Mark Twain w..
Twitchell narrow passage
Twyford double river crossing
Ty a short form of Tyler
Tye a short form of Taylor
Tyeson Fiery
Tyger a form of Tiger
Tylar a form of Tyler
Tyler Occupation Name
Tyler "tailor."
Tylor a form of Tyler
Tymothy a form of Timothy
Tyrell Thunder Ruler, Puller, Follower of Thor, Stubborn, Derivative of the Scandinavian God of Battle Tyr, Tuesday was Named for Tyr
Tyrone A County in Northern Ireland, Land of Owen, Young Soldier, Land of the Noble One
Tyrus a form of Thor

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Choosing the English name for your baby Boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little prince deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute English baby name for your baby Boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern English Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally English names, English biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.