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English Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest English baby Boy names which begin with letter S for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of English origin starting from S with meanings for free.

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English Baby Boy Names Meaning
Saarthik Noble
Sadler saddle maker
Saeweard Sea Guardian
Safford willow river crossing
Sage wise
Sagragni Chief, Ruler
Salhdene From the Willow Valley
Salhford From the Willow Ford
Salisbury fort at the willow pool
Salton manor town; willow town
Samson Bright as the Sun
Samuel Answer to Prayers
Sanborn sandy brook
Sanborne From the Sandy Stream
Sanbourn From the Sandy Stream
Sanburne From the Sandy Stream
Sandborn From the Sandy Stream
Sander a short form of Alexander
Sanders son of Sander
Sandford From the Sandy Ford
Sandfurd From the Sandy Ford
Sanditon Sandy Settlement
Sanford sandy river crossing
Sanglesh God
Santon sandy town
Saunders Alexander's Son, Man's Defender
Sawyer wood worker
Sax a short form of Saxon
Saxon swordsman. History: the Roman name for t..
Saxton Saxon town
Scaffeld From the Crooked Field
Scelftun From the Ledge Farm
Schaddoc Shad Fish
Scherman Shear Man
Scirloc Blond
Scirwode From the Bright Forest
Scot a form of Scott
Scott From Scotland
Scott "from Scotland." Ragtime music king Scot..
Scottas From Scotland
Scottie a familiar form of Scott
Scotty a familiar form of Scott
Seabert shining sea
Seabroc From the Brook by the Sea
Seabrook brook near the sea
Seaburt Glory at Sea
Sean Heavenly Generosity
Searle armor
Seaton town near the sea
Seaward Sea Guardian
Sebastian Majestic
Secgwic From the Sword Grass Place
Sedgeley From the Swordsman's Meadow
Sedgely sword meadow
Sedgewic From the sword grass place
Sedgewick From the sword grass place
Sedgewik From the sword grass place
Sedgley From the Sword Meadow
Sedgwick sword grass
Sedgwyck From the Sword Place
Seeley blessed
Seely From the happy meadow
Seeton From the farm by the sea
Sefton village of rushes
Segar Seaman
Seger sea spear; sea warrior
Seibert bright sea
Selby village by the manison
Selden From the willow valley
Seldon willow tree valley
Seleby From the manor house
Selig From the happy meadow
Sellden From the Willow Valley
Selvyn A form of Sylvanus referring to the mythological Greek god of trees.
Selwin Good friend
Selwine Good friend
Selwinn Manor-friend
Selwyn friend from the palace
Selwynn Manor-friend
Selwynne Manor-friend
Seth Appointed One
Seton From the farm by the sea
Severin Boundary
Severn boundary
Severne Strict: restrained. Surname.
Sewald Sea powerful
Sewall Sea powerful
Seward sea guardian
Sewell sea wall
Sexton church official; sexton
Seymour Moorish Saint
Shad Short form of the Biblical Shadrach
Shadd Short form of the Biblical Shadrach
Shaddoc Shad fish
Shaddock Shad fish
Shade shade
Shadow shadow
Shadwell shed by a well
Shakeel Handsome, Good Looking, Comely
Shamus Supplanter
Shandey Boisterous, High-spirited
Shandley From the Loud Meadow
Shandy rambunctions
Shap a form of Shep
Shattuck little shad fish
Shaw grove
Shawn God's Gracious Gift
Sheffield crooked field
Shel a short form of Shelby, Sheldon
Shelbee Estate on the Ledge
Shelbey From the Village on the Ledge
Shelbie From the Village on the Ledge
Shelden Steep Valley, From the Willow Valley
Sheldin From the Steep Valley
Sheldon "farm on the ledge." A well-known Sheldo..
Shelley Articulate
Shelton town on a ledge
Shep a short form of Shepherd
Shepard Shepherd
Shephard Shepherd
Shepherd shepherd
Sheplea From the Sheep Meadow
Shepley sheep meadow
Sheppard Shepherd
Shepperd Shepherd
Shepply From the Sheep Meadow
Sherard Of Splendid Valour
Sherborn clear brook
Sheridan The Wild Man
Sherill shire on a hill
Sherlock Fair-Haired
Sherman Occupation Name
Shermon Shear-man, A form of Sherman
Sherrod clearer of the land
Sherwin A Friend
Sherwood bright forest
Sherwyn Swift, Quick as the Wind, Bright Friend
Shipley sheep meadow
Shipton sheep village; ship village
Siddael From the Wide Valley
Siddel wide valley
Siddell From the Wide Valley
Sidney Earthy
Sidwell wide stream
Sigbert Victory Protection
Sighard Victory, Brave, Hardy
Sigmund Victorious Protection
Silas Sound Forester
Silburn blessed
Simon A Visionary and Listener
Sincere sincere
Sinclair The Illustrious
Sinjon saint, holy man
Sir sir, sire
Skeeter swift
Skelton From the Estate on the Ledge
Skipper Ship Captain, Master, Ship-master
Skipton Sheep Town
Skyelar Phonetic Spelling of Schuyler
Slade a short form of Sladen
Sladen child of the valley
Slater roof slater
Slayton From the Valley Farm
Sloane Warrior
Smedley flat meadow
Smith blacksmith
Snowden snowy hill
Snowdon From the Snowy Hill
Solomon Peaceful
Somerset place of the summer settlers
Somerton summer town
Somerville summer village
Son son, boy
Sonny a familiar form of Grayson
Southwell south well
Spalding divided field
Spark happy
Spear spear carrier
Speedy quick; successful
Spence a short form of Spencer
Spencer Steward
Spencer dispenser of provisions
Spenser a form of Spencer
Spike ear of grain; long nail
Spoor spur maker
Spreckley twigs
Springsteen stream by the rocks
Sproule energetic
Sprowle Energetic, Active
Spurgeon shrub
Squire knight's assistant; large landholder
Stafford riverbank landing
Stamford a form of Stanford
Stan a short form of Stanley
Stanbuck challenger of fate
Stanbury stone fortification
Stancil beam
Stancliff stony cliff
Standish stony parkland
Stanfield stony field
Stanhop From the Stony Hollow
Stanley "stony meadow." Film director Stanley Ku..
Stanley, Stan Stony Field
Stanmore stony lake
Stannard hard as stone
Stanton stony farm
Stantun From the Stony Farm
Stanway stony road
Stanweg Lives by the Stony Road
Stanwic From the Stony Village
Stanwick stony village
Stanwik From the Stony Village
Stanwood stony woods
Stanwyk From the Stony Village
Starbuck Star deer
Starling A bird
Starr Star
Staunton From the stony farm
Steadman owner of a farmstead
Stearn Austere
Steathford From the landing ford
Stedeman Owns a farm
Stedman a form of Steadman
Steel like steel
Steele a form of Steel
Stefford Crown: wreath. In the bible Stephen was the first Christian martyr. Surname.
Stefon Crown: wreath. In the bible Stephen was the first Christian martyr.
Stem Austere
Steph a short form of Stephen
Stephen Crown: wreath. In the bible Stephen was the first Christian martyr.
Stephen, Stefan Crown
Stephenson son of Stephen
Stephon Crown: wreath. In the bible Stephen was the first Christian martyr.
Sterlin a form of Sterling
Sterling High Quality
Sterlyn of high quality:
Sterne austere
Stevan A form of Stephen Crown: wreath.
Steve Abbreviation of Steven and Stephen often used as an independent name. Stevie is also used for girls.
Steven wreath.
Stevens son of Steven
Stevenson A form of Stephen Crown: wreath.
Stevie a familiar form of Stephen
Stevon A form of Stephen Crown: wreath.
Stevyn A form of Stephen Crown: wreath.
Steward Bailiff
Stewart a form of Stuart
Stewart, Stuart A Steward
Stewert Bailiff
Stigols Stiles
Stiles Stiles
Stillman quiet
Sting spike of grain
Stirling a form of Sterling
Stockley tree-stump meadow
Stockman tree-stump remover
Stockton tree-stump town
Stockwell tree-stump well
Stoddard horse keeper
Stoker furnace tender
Stone stone
Stoney a form of Stone
Storm tempest, storm
Stover stove tender
Stowe hidden; packed away
Stratford bridge over the river
Strong powerful
Stroud thicket
Stu a short form of Stewart, Stuart
Stuart Signifying "caretaker" or "steward." The..
Studs rounded nail heads; shirt ornaments
Styles stairs put over a wall to help cross it
Suffield southern field
Sugden valley of sows
Sully south meadow
Sumeet a form of Summit
Sumerton From the summer estate
Sumertun From the summer estate
Sumit a form of Summit
Summit peak, top
Sumner church officer
SutcIyf From the south cliff
Sutcliff southern cliff
Suthclif From the south cliff
Suthfeld From the south field
Suthleah From the south meadow
Suthley From the south meadow
Suttecliff From the south cliff
Sutton southern town
Suzanna Lily.
Swaggart one who sways and staggers
Swain herdsman; knight's attendant
Swaley winding stream
Swannee swan
Swayn Knight's attendant
Swinbourne stream used by swine
Swindel valley of the swine
Swinfen swine's mud
Swinford swine's crossing
Swinton swine town
Swintun From the swine farm
Swithbert strong and bright
Swithun Name of a Saint
Syd A form of Sidney from St. Denis
Sydney From Sidon
Sylvester See Silvester.
Symington Simon's town
Symon A form of Simon meaning hear: listen.
Symontun From Simon's estate

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Choosing the English name for your baby Boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little prince deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute English baby name for your baby Boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern English Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally English names, English biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.