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English Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest English baby Boy names which begin with letter R for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of English origin starting from R with meanings for free.

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English Baby Boy Names Meaning
Rad Red
Radbert Red haired counselor
Radborn From the Red Brook
Radbourne Lives by the red stream
Radburn red brook; brook with reeds
Radburt Red haired counselor
Radbyrne Lives by the red stream
Radcliff red cliff
Radclyf From the red cliff
Radeliffe From the red cliff
Radferd From the Red Ford
Radford red ford; ford with reeds
Radfurd From the Red Ford
Radley red meadow; meadow of reeds
Radmund Red haired defender
Radnor red shore; shore with reeds
Radolf Red wolf
Radolph Red wolf
Raeborn From the Roe-deer Brook
Raeburn From the Roe-deer Brook
Raed Red
Raedanoran From the red shore
Raedburne Lives by the red stream
Raedclyf From the red cliff
Raedeman Red haired horseman
Raedford From the red ford
Raedleah From the red meadow
Raedmund Red haired defender
Raedpath Lives near the red path
Raedwolf Red wolf
Rafe a form of Ralph
Raff Red wolf
Ragnar Strong counselor. Ancient personal name.
Raimond Guards Wisely
Raine lord
Raleah From the roe deer meadow
Raleich Deer's meadow.
Raleigh Deer Meadow, From the Roe Deer Meadow
Ralph A form of Randolph
Ralphie a familiar form of Ralph
Ralston Ralph's settlement
Ramsden valley of rams
Ramsey Island of Ravens
Rand shield; warrior
Randal a form of Randolph
Randale Wolf's Shield, Variants of Randolph, Surname
Randall "protected."
Randell a form of Randolph
Randkin Little Shield
Randolf Wise Power, Shield Wolf
Randolph Strong Shield
Randson Son of Rand
Randy A familiar form of Rand, Randall, R..
Rangley From the raven's meadow
Rangy From raven's island
Rankin small shield
Ransford raven's ford
Ransley raven's field
Ransly Raven's Meadow
Ransom son of the shield
Ransome Shield's Son
Rapere Maker of rope
Raphael God has Healed, Healed by God
Rashae Blend of Ray and Shawn
Rashane Blend of Ray and Shawn
Rashaun Blend of Ray and Shawn
Rashawn  Blend of Ray and Shawn
Raven Raven
Ravenel raven
Ravon a form of Raven
Rawdon rough hill
Rawgon Son of Rawley or Raleigh
Rawiella From the deer spring
Rawleigh deer meadow
Rawley From the roe deer meadow
Rawling Son of Rawley or Raleigh
Rawlins Son of Rolfe, Son of a Little Wise Wolf, Renowned Land
Rawls Son of Rawley or Raleigh
Rawson Renowned Land
Ray a short form of Raymond
Rayborn From the Roe-deer Brook
Rayburn deer brook
Rayce a form of Race
Rayder Counselor. A form of Raymond.
Raydon Counselor. A form of Raymond.
Rayfield stream in the field
Rayford stream ford
Rayhourne From the deer's stream
Rayhurn From the deer's stream
Raylen Counselor. A form of Raymond.
Raymon a form of Raymond
Raymond Wise Guardian
Rayne Strong counselor
Raynell Counselor. A form of Raymond.
Rayner Strong counselor
Raynor Strong counselor
Raynord Strong counselor
Read a form of Reed, Reid
Reade Redheaded. Surname.
Reading son of the red wanderer
Readman Red haired counselor
Reave Steward
Reaves Son of Reeve
Redding Son of the Red-haired
Redford From the Red Ford, Old English Surname
Redfort red river crossing
Redlea From the Red Meadow
Redley red meadow; meadow with reeds
Redman Red Haired Counselor, Man of Counsel, Man who Rides
Redmond Red Haired Defender, Counsellor, Protector, Wise Protector
Redmund Red Haired Defender, Counsellor, Protector, Wise Protector
Redpath red path
Redvers Name Derived from a Surname
Redwald Strong Counsel
Reed a form of Reid
Reeford The Medieval Castle
Reeve steward
Reeves Son of Reeve, Surname, Bailiff
Reg a short form of Reginald
Reggie a familiar form of Reginald
Reginal a form of Reginald
Reginald Power
Reid redhead
Reiding Son of the Red-haired
Reinald Form of Reginald, Counsel Power, Advice, Decision Ruler
Reinhold a form of Reynold
Reinold Form of Reginald, Counsel Power, Advice, Decision
Remington raven estate
Renaldo Ruler with Counsel, Counselor-ruler
Renault Form of Reginald, Counsel Power
Rendall Wolf's Shield, Variants of Randolph, Surname
Rendell Wolf's Shield, Variants of Randolph, Surname
Renfred Peacemaker
Renfrid Peaceful Raven
Renshaw raven woods
Renton settlement of the roe deer
Rex King
Rexford King's Ford, Chieftain
Rexley From the King's Meadow
Rexlord From the King's Ford
Rexton King's Town, Chieftain
Reyhurn From the Deer's Stream
Reynald King's Adviser, Counselor-ruler, Rules with Counsel
Reynard Strong Counselor, Fox, Mighty, Brave, Powerful, Courageous, Wise Ruler, Bold
Reynold King's Adviser, Form of Reginald, Counselor-ruler, Well-advised Ruler
Rhett Stream
Rhodes Garden of Roses, A Rose, Dweller by the Crosses, Where Roses Grow
Ricard Strong Ruler, Powerful Leader, Rich and Powerful Ruler
Richard Powerful Ruler
Richie Rich and Powerful Ruler
Ricker Strong Army
Rickey Rich, Powerful Ruler
Rickie Rich and Powerful Ruler
Ricman Powerful
Ridder Horseman
Ridere Knight
Ridlea From the Red Meadow
Ridley Residence Name
Rihaan Prince, Destroyer of Enemies, Fighter of Enemies, Great Heart
Riley Valiant
Ripley Meadow Near the River
Rislea From the Meadow with Shrubs
Rislee From the Meadow with Shrubs
Risley From the Brushwood Meadow
Riston settlement near the shrubs
Ritchard a form of Richard
Ritchie a form of Richie
Ritchy Old Leader
River river
Roan a short form of Rowan
Rob a short form of Robert
Robbie a familiar form of Robert
Robbin Form of Robin, A Small, Bright Famous One
Robby a familiar form of Robert
Robers Bright Fame
Robert Bright with Fame
Robert Signifies bright fame.
Robert, Robin Bright Fame
Roberts son of Robert
Robertson son of Robert
Robinson son of Robert
Robson Son of Robert
Rocati Battle
Rochester rocky fortress
Rock a form of Rock
Rockford rosky ford
Rockland rocky land
Rockledge rocky ledge
Rockley rocky field
Rockly From the Rock Meadow
Rockwell rocky spring
Rod a short form of Penrod, Rodney, Rod..
Roddy a familiar form of Roderick
Roden red valley
Roderick Famous Ruler
Rodger Famous Spearman, Famous Warrior
Rodman Lives by the Road, Famous, Renowned Man
Rodnee From the Island Near the Clearing
Rodney Famous
Rodnie From the Island Near the Clearing
Roe roe deer
Roger Famous Warrior
Roland Fame of the Land
Roldan Famous, Powerful, Renowned Land
Rolf Wolf
Rollie a familiar form of Roland
Romney Winding River, From Romney
Ronald Of Mighty Power
Ronell Rules with Good Judgment, Short Poem, Powerful
Ronnie Rules with Good Judgment, Counsel Power, Exalted, On High, Form of Veronica, True Image, Wise Ruler
Ronson Son of Ronald
Rory Red King
Roscoe Deer Wood, From the Deer Forest
Ross Wood
Roswell Mighty Steed
Rovere Wanderer
Rowley From the Rough Meadow
Roy King
Royce Son of Roy, Kingly
Royden Rye Hill, From the King's Hill, From the Rye Hill
Rufus Red-Haired
Rupert Of Shining Fame
Russel Rufus, Red-haired, Red Skinned, Little Red One
Russell Red
Rutley From the Root Meadow
Ryan A form of Bryan
Rycroft rye field
Ryder a form of Rider
Rye a grain used in cereal and whiskey
Ryerson son of Rider
Ryese a form of Reece
Rylan land where rye is grown
Ryland a form of Rylan
Ryle rye hill
Ryman rye seller

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Choosing the English name for your baby Boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little prince deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute English baby name for your baby Boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern English Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally English names, English biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.