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English Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest English baby Boy names which begin with letter K for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of English origin starting from K with meanings for free.

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English Baby Boy Names Meaning
Kaltan a form of Colton
Kamaraj King of Love Making
Kameron Form of Cameron Crooked Nose
Kane Honor
Karlton a form of Carlton
Karson a form of Carson
Keandre Ancient
Keannen Ancient
Keaton Where Hawks Go
Keddrick Gift of Splendor, Form of Cedric
Kedric a form of Cedric
Kedrick a form of Cedric
Keegan Fiery
Keene Sharp
Keith Forest
Keldon a form of Kelton
Kelsey Island of Ships
Kelson a form of Kelton
Kelton keel town; port
Keltonn From the Town of the Keels
Kelvin Friend of the Sea
Kelwin friend from the ridge
Kemp fighter; champion
Kempton millitary town
Kendale a form of Kendall
Kendall Narrow River
Kendell Valley of the River Kent
Kendrell a form of Kendall
Kendrick Ruler
Kendriek Royal Ruler, Son of Harry
Kendrik Royal Ruler, Son of Harry, Royal Chieftain, Surname
Kendryck Royal Ruler
Kendryk Royal Ruler, Son of Harry
Kenleigh From the King's Meadow
Kennaird Brave and Strong
Kennard Bold, Brave and Strong, Strong
Kennedy Helmeted Chief, Armoured Head
Kenneth royal oath
Kenneth, Ken Handsome
Kennith Handsome, Sprung from Fire, Fire Born, Good Looking
Kenric a form of Kenrick
Kenrich Chief Hero, Royal Ruler
Kenrick bold ruler; royal ruler
Kenricks Royal Ruler
Kenriek Royal Ruler
Kent Bright White
Kentigern Chief Lord
Kenton Literally signifies from Kent, England
Kentrell king's estate
Kenward brave; royal guardian
Kenway Courageous in Battle
Kenyon Blonde Haired
Kerrick king's rule
Kerry The Dark
Kervin a form of Kerwin
Kerwin Dark Skinned
Kerwinn Swamp Friend, Little Dark One
Kester a form of Christopher
Kevin Handsome
Kiefer Barrel Maker
Kieran Small and Dark-skinned, Dark, Swarthy, Little Dark One, Black, Little Black One, Black Irish
Kilby Residence Name
Kilian Blind
Kim Chief
Kimbal Bold War-leader
Kimball Royally Brave
Kimbell Bold War-leader
Kimberley Land Belonging to Cyneburg, Cyneburga's Land
Kimble Bold War-leader, Warrior Chief
Kingdon From the King's Hall
Kingman A King who is Man, King's Man
Kingslea From the King's Meadow
Kingsley Residence Name
Kingslie From the King's Meadow
Kingsly One from the King's Meadow
Kingston FroFrom the King's Village or Estate King's Field
Kingswell d> Lives at the King's Spring, From the King's Well
Kinsey Victorious Prince, Royal Victory
Kinslea From the King's Meadow
Kinslee From the King's Meadow
Kinsley King's Meadow, King is One of Several Titles Occasionally Used as Given Names
Kinslie From the King's Meadow
Kinsly From the King's Meadow
Kipling Cured Salmon
Kippar From the Pointed Hill
Kippie From the Pointed Hill
Kirbey From the Church Village
Kirbie From the Church Village
Kirby Residence Name
Kirk Church
Kirkby From the Church Village
Kirklea From the Church's Meadow
Kirklee From the Church's Meadow
Kirkley From the Church's Meadow
Kirklie From the Church's Meadow
Kirkly From the Church's Meadow
Kirkwood From the Church's Forest
Kit The Christ-Bearer
Knight Noble, Soldier
Knocks From the Hills
Kody Helpful
Kohl a form of Cole
Kolby a form of Colby
Kole a form of Cole
Koleman a form of Coleman
Kolin a form of Colin
Kollin a form of Colin
Kolt a short form of Koltan
Kolten a form of Colton
Koltin a form of Colton
Kolton a form of Colton
Koltyn a form of Colton
Konrad Bold Speaker
Konstantin Resolute, Steadfast, Constant
Konstanz Steadfast
Korbin a form of Corbin
Kordale Cord-maker, Surname
Kordell a form of Cordell
Korrigan Spearman, Surname
Koty a form of Cody
Kourtland a form of Courtland
Kramer a form of Cramer
Kristofer He who Holds Christ in his Heart, Carrier of Christ
Kristofor He who Holds Christ in his Heart, Carrier of Christ
Kuppuswamy Lord of Anger
Kurt Able in Counsel
Kurtis Polite, Courteous
Kylar a form of Kyle
Kyle Handsome
Kyler a form of Kyle
Kylor a form of Kyle
Kyrkwode From the Church's Forest

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