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English Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest English baby Boy names which begin with letter C for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of English origin starting from C with meanings for free.

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English Baby Boy Names Meaning
Cable rope maker
Cadabyr From the Warrior's Settlement
Cadby warrior's settlement
Cadman Warrior
Caedmon Poet, Wise Warrior
Calbert Cowherd, Cowboy
Calder brook, stream
Caldwell Near a Cold Well
Caleb Faithful
Calhoun Warrior, Place Name
Calldwr Cold Brook
Calvert Shepherd
Calvin Bald
Calvino Bald, Hairless
Cameron Bent Nose, Crooked Stream
Captain He who is in Charge
Caradoc Love
Caradog Affection, Amiable
Carl Farmer
Carleton a form of Carlton
Carlisle Carl's island
Carlson Settlement of Free Men, Free Men's Town
Carlton From Carl's Farm
Carlyle a form of Carlisle
Carmelo Garden
Carnell defender of the castle
Carney Warrior
Carolus Strong, Man, Free Man, Manly, Masculine
Carrick Rock
Carroll Champion
Carsen a form of Carson
Carson son of Carr
Carter Cart Driver
Carter cart driver
Cartere Drives a Cart
Cartland cart builder's island
Cartwright cart builder
Carvell village on the marsh
Carver Wood Carver
Cary Fort
Casey Brave
Casimir Peacemaker
Casper Treasure
Cater caterer
Cawley cow meadow
Ceaster Lives at the Camp
Ceastun Camp
Ceawlin Name of a King
Cecil Blind
Cecilio Blind, From the Roman Clan Name Caecilius, Sixth
Cecillo Blind, From the Roman Clan Name Caecilius
Cederic a form of Cedric
Cedric Chieftain
Cedrick a form of Cedric
Cedrik a form of Cedric
Cedrych Derived from Cerdic
Celdtun From the Farm by the Spring
Cenewig Bold Warrior
Cenewyg Bold Warrior
Cenwalh Name of a King
Ceredig Cherished
Ceretic Cherished
Chad From the Celtic
Chad, Chadwick Warrior
Chadd a form of Chad
Chaddie Fierce
Chadwick warrior's town
Chadwik From the Warrior's Town
Chadwyk From the Warrior's Town
Chalmers Lord of the Household
Chance a short form of Chancellor
Chancellor record keeper
Chancelor a form of Chancellor
Chancey Record Keeper
Chandan Sandalwood Tree
Chandler Candlemaker
Channing A Canon
Channon Form of Shannon, Wise One, Young Wolf
Chanse a form of Chance
Chapman Merchant
Charles Manly
Charleston a form of Carlton
Charley Manly, Strong, Diminutive of Charles, Free Man
Charlie a familiar form of Charles
Charlton a form of Carlton
Chas a familiar form of Charles
Chatham warrior's home
Chatwin Warlike Friend
Chatwyn Warring Friend
Chaunce Chancellor, Occupational Name
Chauncey chancellor; church official
Chauncy a form of Chauncey
Chaz a familiar form of Charles
Chazz a familiar form of Charles
Chester Castle Dweller
Cheston a form of Chester
Chet a short form of Chester
Chetwin Little House on the Twisted Path
Chetwyn From the Cottage on the Winding Path
Chick a familiar form of Charles
Chilton farm by the spring
Chip a familiar form of Charles
Chipper a form of Chip
Choncey Fortune, A Gamble, A form of Chauncey
Chresta Follower of Christ, Diminutive of Christian
Christian A Christian
Christopher Christ-Bearer
Churchill church on the hill. History: Sir Winston..
Cinwell Lives at the King's Spring
Clarence Famous
Claude Lame
Claudio Lame, Disabled, Limping
Clay clay pit
Clayborne brook near the clay pit
Clayten Town by a Clay Bed
Claytin Town by a Clay Bed
Clayton "town built on clay." Actor Clayton Moor..
Clayton, Clay The Clay Farm
Cleavon cliff
Clemens Merciful, Mild, Gentle, Form of Clement
Clement Merciful, Mild, Gentle, Giving Mercy, Merciful in French
Clemmie Gentle, Mild, Giving Mercy, Diminutive of Clement
Cleve a short form of Cleveland
Cleveland land of cliffs
Cliff a short form of Clifford
Clifford "cliff at the river crossing." Playwrigh..
Clifford, Cliff Near the Cliff
Clifton Literally, "cliff town." Among famous pe..
Cliftun From the Farm Near the Cliff
Clint a short form of Clinton
Clinton "hillside town." Among famous people wit..
Clive Cliff Dweller
Clyde Heard from Afar
Clyford Ford Near the Cliff, Cliff-side Ford
Clyftun From the Farm Near the Cliff
Coady a form of Cody
Coburn meeting of streams
Codey a form of Cody
Codie a form of Cody
Cody cushion. History: William "Buffalo Bill"..
Colbert famous seafarer
Colbey a form of Colby
Colby dark; dark haired
Cole a short form of Colbert, Coleman
Coleman Dove
Coletun From the Dark Town
Coley a familiar form of Cole
Colin People's Victory
Colley black haired; swarthy
Collier Miner
Collins Victory of the People
Collyer Charcoal Merchant, Coal Miner
Colman a form of Coleman
Colson son of Nicholas
Colston Surname
Colt young horse; frisky
Coltan a form of Colton
Colten a form of Colton
Colter herd of colts
Coltin a form of Colton
Colton coal town
Coltyn a form of Colton
Colvert Seaman
Colvyr Dove
Colyer Charcoal merchant
Colyn Abbreviation of Nicholas people's victory.
Colys Son of the dark man
Conan Wise
Connell Friendship
Connie Among the famous people with this name i..
Connor Lover of Hounds
Conrad Able in Counsel
Conroy Wise Man
Conway Hound in the Plain
Cony A form of Corey Hill hollow.
Cook cook
Cooper barrel maker
Coopersmith Barrel maker
Corben Raven-haired.
Corbett Raven.
Corbin Raven-haired.
Corby Raven-haired.
Corbyn Raven-haired.
Cord A form of Cordell cordmaker.
Cordale A form of Cordell cordmaker.
Corday A form of Cordell cordmaker.
Cordell Cordmaker.
Corey Hill hollow.
Corky A form of Corey Hill hollow.
Corley A form of Corey Hill hollow.
Corliss cheerful; goodhearted
Cornal College
Cornwallis from Cornwall
Correy A form of Corey Hill hollow.
Corrick A form of Corey Hill hollow.
Cort Courtier: court attendant.
Cortland a form of Courtland
Corvin Raven-haired.
Corwan Friend of the heart
Corwin The Raven
Corwine Friend of the heart
Corwyn Friend of the heart
Cory hill: hollow.
Coulter a form of Colter
Courtland court's land
Covell Lives at the Cave Slope
Coy woods
Craig Rocky Hill
Cramer full
Crandall crane's valley
Crane crane
Cranly From the Crane Meadow, Meadow with the Cranes
Cranston crane's town
Craven Cowardly
Crawford town near the rock
Creighton "rocky spot."
Crispin Curly Haired
Cromwell crooked spring, winding spring
Crosby Dweller by Town Cross
Crosley meadow of the cross
Crowell From a town in England.
Crowther fiddler
Croydon Surname and place-name.
Culbart Seaman
Culbert Cool and Brilliant
Culley Dove, From the Woods, Diminutive of Culver
Culver Dove
Cupere Barrel maker
Curt Short or Little
Curtis Courteous
Curtiss Courteous. See also Curt
Cuthbeorht Noted splendor
Cuthbert Famous and Brilliant
Cutler knife maker
Cutter tailor
Cwentun From the queen's estate
Cy Master: lord.
Cyndaf Chief, Head, Man of Israel, Dusky Hound
Cyneleah Lives in the royal meadow
Cyneley Lives in the royal meadow
Cyneric Royal
Cynerik Royal
Cyngen Chief Son
Cynhard Bold guardian
Cyning Royal
Cynric Royal
Cynrik Royal
Cyril Lord-like
Cyrill Master: lord.

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Choosing the English name for your baby Boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little prince deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute English baby name for your baby Boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern English Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally English names, English biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.