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       English Baby Boy Names Starting with B

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English Baby names for your new born baby. In this section we have  unique, cute, modern, sweet and latest English baby Boy names which begin with letter B for new born baby Boy. You can read new born baby names of English origin starting from B with meanings for free.

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English Baby Boy Names Meaning
Badrick axe ruler
Baiardo Brown Hair
Bail a form of Vail
Baillie Steward, Bailiff
Baird Bard or Minstrel
Baker baker
Baldric Brave Ruler
Balduin Brave Friend
Baldwin Princely Friend
Baldwyn Bold Friend
Ballard A Dancing Song, Brave and Strong
Banaing Son of the Slayer
Bancroft bean frield
Banner flag bearer
Baptist To Dip, Baptist
Barclay Meadow of Birch Trees
Barcley Birch Valley, Place Name, Where Birches Grow
Barden barley valley
Bardene From the Boar Valley
Bardolf Axe-wolf
Bardoul Axe-wolf
Bardulf Axe-wolf
Barker lumberjack; advertiser at a carnival
Barklay Place Name, Where Birches Grow
Barkley From the Birch Tree Meadow, Place Name, Where Birches Grow
Barklie Place Name, Where Birches Grow
Barlow bare hillside
Barlowe Place Name, The Bare Hillside
Barnaby Prophet
Barnard Strong as a Bear, Form of Bernard, Grim Bear, Bear, Courageous
Barnes bear; son of Barnett
Barnett Leader, From the Land that was Burned, Noble Man
Barney Race car driver Barney Olfield and the e..
Barnham From the Baron's Home
Barnum baron's home
Baron Nobleman
Baronet From the Land that was Burned
Barrett Bear-Like
Barric grain farm
Barrick Grain Farm
Barrington fenced town
Barrlow Hillside
Barron a form of Baron
Barrton Place Name, Barley Settlement
Barry Marksman
Barthel Son of a Farmer, From the Barley Farm, Diminutive of Bartholomew
Bartholomew Warlike
Bartlet a form of Bartholomew
Bartley barley meadow
Bartoli Son of a Farmer
Bartolo Son of a Farmer
Barton barley farm
Bartram a form of Bertram
Barwolf Ax Wolf
Basil King-like
Basilio Noble, Royal, Kingly, Rose
Bassett little person
Bat a short form of Bartholomew
Baudier Brave Warrior, Courageous Army, Light and Innocence
Baudoin Brave Friend
Baxter An alternate form of Baker
Bay howler
Bayard reddish brown hair
Bayarde Brown Hair
Bayhard Reddish Brown Hair
Bayron a form of Baron
Beacher beech trees
Beaman beekeeper
Beamann Beekeeper
Beamer trumpet player
Beasley field of peas
Beaver beaver
Beceere Lives by the Beech Tree
Beck brook
Bede prayer. Religion: the patron saint of le..
Bedford Derived from the English Place Name
Beecher Lives by the Beech Tree, Place Name
Beldane Lives in the Beautiful Glen
Beldene Lives in the Beautiful Glen
Bell bell ringer
Bellamy Good-looking Companion, Handsome Friend
Bellden Beautiful Vale or Valley
Belldon Beautiful Vale or Valley
Bemeere Trumpeter
Bemelle Strong as a Bear
Benedict Blessed
Benjamin Son of Right Hand
Benji Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict.
Benjy Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict.
Benn Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict.
Bennet A form of Benedict.
Bennett A form of Benedict.
Bennie Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict.
Benny Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict.
Benon A form of Bert - industrious.
Benson A form of Benedict.
Benssen Ben's Son, Surname
Bensson Ben's Son, Surname
Bentlea Meadow with Coarse Grass
Bentleah From the bent grass meadow
Bentlee Meadow with Coarse Grass
Bentleigh From the bent grass meadow
Bentley moor; coarse grass meadow
Bentlie From the Meadow with Coarse Grass
Benton Moor Dweller
Beomann Beekeeper
Beore Birch tree
Beorht Glorious
Beorhthram Bright raven
Beorhthramm Glorious raven
Beorhttun From the fortified town
Beornet Leader
Beornham From the nobleman's home
Beowulf Intelligent Wolf
Ber boundary
Bercleah Lives at the birch tree meadow
Beresford From the barley ford
Beretun From the barley farm
Berford From the barley ford
Beric Grain farm.
Berk The birch tree meadow.
Berke The birch tree meadow.
Berkeley a form of Barclay
Berkley The birch tree meadow.
Berklie Place Name, Where Birches Grow
Bernard Stern Bear
Berry berry; grape
Bert Bright
Bertie a familiar form of Bert
Bertold Bright Strength
Berton bright settlement; fortified town
Bertram bright raven
Berwick barley farm
Beval like the wind
Beverly From the Beaver Meadow, Meadow of Beavers
Bevis Bowman
Bhavnik Flower
Bickford axe-man's ford
Bingham Town of the Hollow
Binky a familiar form of Bancroft, Vincent
Birch white; shining; birch tree
Birdhil From the Bird Hill
Birkett Lives at the Birch Headland
Birkey island with birch trees
Birkitt birch-tree coast
Birley meadow with the cow barn
Birney island with a brook
Birtle hill with birds
Bishop bishop
Blade knife, sword
Blain a form of Blaine
Blaine Lean or Thin
Blair Man of Flatlands
Blake Fair Complexioned
Blake Signifies "dark."
Blaney Slender, Thin, A form of Blaine
Blayke a form of Blake
Blayne Slender, Thin, A form of Blaine
Blaze flame; trail mark made on a tree
Blyth Merry
Blythe Merry
Bo a form of Beau
Bob a short form of Robert
Bobbey Bright Fame
Bobbie Abbreviation of Robert.
Bobby a familiar form of Bob, Robert
Boc 1 deer
Bocleah Lives at the buck meadow
Bocley Lives at the buck meadow
Boda Herald
Bolton from the manor farm
Bond Farmer
Bondig Free
Booker bookmaker; book lover; Bible lover
Boone Good: a blessing.
Booth hut
Boothe Lives in a hut
Borden valley of the boar; boar's den
Boris Warrior
Bort Fortified.
Bosley grove of trees
Boston a form of Bosley
Boswell boar enclosure by the stream
Bosworth Lives at the cattle enclosure
Botewolf Herald wolf
Bothe Lives in a hut
Botolf Herald wolf
Botulf Wolf, Messenger Wolf
Botwolf Herald wolf
Bourke Fortified hill.
Bourn From the brook
Bourne brook, stream
Bowen Son of Owen
Bowman The Archer
Boyce Lives near the wood.
Boyden Messenger, A Herald
Bple Cup bearer
Brad A short form of Bradford or Bradley
Bradan From the broad valley
Bradbourne From the broad brook
Bradburn broad stream
Braden From the Broad Valley
Bradey a form of Brady
Bradford "broad river ford."
Bradig From the Broad Island
Bradin Form the Wide Valley
Bradlee a form of Bradley
Bradley from the Broad Meadow
Bradley broad meadow
Bradly a form of Bradley
Bradon broad hill
Bradshaw broad forest
Brady broad island
Bradyn a form of Braden
Braedan a form of Braden
Braeden a form of Braden
Braedon a form of Bradon
Braedyn a form of Braden
Braegd High
Braiden a form of Braden
Braidon a form of Bradon
Brainard bold raven; prince
Bramwell bramble spring
Brand firebrand; sword
Brandan a form of Brandon
Brandan Traveller
Branden beacon valley
Brandin a form of Branden
Brando a form of Brand
Brandon beacon hill
Brandt a form of Brant
Brandyn a form of Brandon
Brannt Proud
Bransen a form of Branson
Branson son of Brandon
Brant proud
Brantley a form of Brant
Brantly a form of Brant
Branton Brant's town
Braxton Brock's town
Brayden a form of Braden
Braydon a form of Bradon
Brayton a form of Brighton
Brendan sword
Brendon a form of Brandon
Brendt Hilltop, A form of Brent
Brendyn a form of Brendan
Brenen a form of Brendan
Brennan a form of Brendan
Brennen a form of Brendan
Brenner a form of Brendan
Brennon a form of Brendan
Brent From the Steep Hill
Brenten a form of Brenton
Brentley a form of Brantley
Brenton steep hill
Bret, Brett Native of Brittany
Brewer Brewer
Brewster brewer
Brian High, Noble, Strong
Brice Great Ambition
Brick bridge
Bridgely meadow near a bridge
Bridger bridge builder
Briggs From the Village Near a Bridge, Diminutive of Brigham
Brigham Dweller by the Bridge
Brighton Covered bridge.
Brik Bridge.
Brinley tawny
Brinton From Brinton
Brittain Brit.
Brittan Brit.
Britton Brit.
Broc a form of Brock
Brock The Badger
Brockley From the badger meadow
Brockton a form of Brock
Brocleah From tbe badger meadow
Brocleigh From the badger meadow
Brocly From the badger meadow
Brod a short form of Broderick
Broderick Form of Roderick
Broderik From the broad ridge
Brodrick a form of Broderick
Brodrig From the broad ridge
Brodrik From the broad ridge
Brok Badger
Bromleah From the broom covered meadow
Bromleigh From the broom covered meadow
Bromley brushwood meadow
Bromly From the broom covered meadow
Bronson son of Brown
Brook Lives by the stream
Brooke A stream
Brooks son of Brook
Brookson Son of Brooke
Brooksone Son of Brooke
Brougher Lives at the fortress
Broughton From the fortress town
Brown brown; bear
Bruce Brushwood
Brucey Thick Brush
Bruno Dark Complexioned
Bryant Strong
Bryden a form of Braden
Brydon a form of Braden
Bryon bear
Bryson Son of the Strong One, A form of Bryce
Bryton a form of Brighton
Buck The Deer
Buckley deer meadow
Buckly Deer-grazing Meadow
Buckmister preacher
Bud Messenger
Buddey Friend
Buddie Friend
Buell bull
Buford ford near the castle
Buiron Place Name, Barn for Cows, From the Cottage
Bundy free
Burbank from the castle on a slope
Burdan birch valley
Burdon Lives at the Castle
Bureig Lives on the Brook Island
Burford birch ford
Burges Citizen
Burgess Citizen of a Town
Burket Area of Birch Trees
Burl cup bearer; wine servant; knot in a tree
Burleigh meadow with knotted tree trunks
Burley Lives at the Castle's Meadow
Burne brook
Burnett burned nettle
Burney island with a brook
Burr prickly plant
Burris town dweller
Burt a form of Bert
Burton Fortress
Butcher butcher
Byford by the ford
Byram cattle yard
Byran a form of Byron
Byrd birdlike
Byrne a form of Burne
Byron Bear
Byrtel From the Bird Hill

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