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          Bengali  Baby Girl Names Starting with V

             Bengali  Baby Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings


 In this list we have 221 unique, cute and Modern Bengali baby girl names which begin with letter V.

Bengali Baby Girl Names Meaning of the name
Vaagai Name of a beautiful flower
Vaanadhi Milky way
Vaanika Sita
Vachana Promise
Vagdevi Goddess sarawati
Vagmi Great orator
Vahani Which passes throw it
Vahini Flowing
Vaibavi Vaibavi
Vaidehi Name of sita
Vaijayanthi Vaijayanthi
Vaijayanti A garland of lord vishnu
Vaijayantimala A garland of lord vishnu
Vainavi Gold
Vaishali An ancient city of india
Vaishali; baishali An ancient city of india
Vaishavi, vaishnodevi Goddess parvati
Vaishnavi Vaishnavi
Vaishno Goddess name
Vaishnodevi Vaishnodevi
Vaishvi; vaishnavi; vaishno Goddess parvati; worshipper of lord vishnu
Vaitarani Vaitarani
Vaividya Special
Vajrini Shines like diamond
Vakula Vakula
Vakulasree Foster mother of lord sri venkateshwara
Vallani Vallani
Vallari Goddess parvati; creeper
Valli Creeper
Vallika Vallika
Vama Woman
Vamshadhara River"s name in ap
Vamsilatha Krishna
Vanadurga Goddess parvati
Vanaja A forest girl, blue lotus flower
Vanajaksi Blue lotus eyed
Vanalakshmi Ornament of the forest
Vanamala Garland of forests
Vanani Forest
Vanathi Of the forest
Vanca Wish, desire
Vandana; bandana Worship; salute
Vaneesha Vaneesha
Vanhi Fire
Vanhishikha Flame
Vani Wish, desire, goddess saraswati
Vanita Woman, desired
Vanitha Women
Vanshi; vamshi Flute
Vanshika Flute
Van-shika Flute
Vanshita Vanshita
Vanshya Vanshya
Vanusha Goddess
Vanushna Goddess
Vanya Vanya
Vara lakshmi Vara lakshmi
Varada Goddess lakshmi
Varalakshmi The consort of lord vishnu; mahalakshmi
Varana A river
Varanya Varanya
Varenya Gayatrimantramlodi
Varenyaa Varenyaa
Vari Water; sea
Varija Floating lotus
Varna Varna
Varnika Varnika
Varsh Varsh
Varsha Rain
Varsha; barsha Rain
Varshika Rain
Varshini Varshini
Varshita Raining
Varshitha Varshitha
Varsitha God
Varuna; baruna A goddess; wife of the lord of water - varuna
Varuni Wife of the lord of the sea; goddess durga
Varunika Goddess of rain
Vasantha Vasantha
Vasanthi Godess
Vasanti Of spring
Vasavi Wife of indra, treasury
Vasudha The earth
Vasuki One who resides under earth
Vasuma Vasuma
Vasumati The earth, possessing treasure
Vasundhara The earth, best of the dieties
Vasundhra Variant of 'vasundhara'
Vatsala Affectionate, tender
Veda Understanding; wisdom and knowledge
Veda sri Veda sri
Veda varshita Veda varshita
Vedanshi The part of the sacred knowledge
Vedavathi Familiar with the vedas
Vedhika Vedhika
Vedi Altar
Vedika Altar; a river in india
Vedvalli Joy of the vedas
Veechika Veechika
Veeha Veeha
Veeksha Veeksha
Veena Lute
Veena vahini Sarasvaati
Veenapani Goddess saraswati
Veera Veera
Veerindar; veerinder A brave godly person
Vega Brightest star
Vela Time
Venisha Dedication
Venkata sunanda Venkata sunanda
Vennala Means moon light
Vennela Moon light
Venny Moon light
Venuhya Venuhya
Venya Venya
Veronica Which brings victory
Vetravati A river in india
Vibha Night
Vibhakshari Vibhakshari
Vibhasri Godess of health
Vibhavari Starry night
Vibhavasri Godess of health
Vibhuti Great personality
Vichithra Wonder
Vichitra Different
Videha Videha
Vidhi The way
Vidhula Vidhula
Vidhun Vidhun
Vidisha A place in mp
Vidula The moon
Vidushi Very much talented in everything
Vidya Learning
Vidyadhari Saraswathi devi
Vidyu Vidyu
Vidyu llatha Meruputheega
Vidyul Lightning
Vidyulatha Vidyulatha
Vidyut Lightning
Vigna Vigna
Vignatha Vignanam
Vijaya Victory of goddess durga
Vijaya lakshmi Success
Vijayalaksmi Goddess of victory
Vijayalaxmi Goddess lakmi
Vijeta Victorious
Vijetha Winner
Vijitha Vijitha
Vijul A silk-cottom tree
Vikasna Smile
Vikranti Vikranti
Vilasini Playful, shining
Vilina Dedicated
Vimala Pure, clean
Vimla Variant of 'vimala'
Vimudha Vimudha
Vinaya Modest
Vinaya keerthi Politeness
Vindhya Knowledge
Vindhyanidhi Wealth
Vindhyavasini Resident of the vindhyas
Vindyasree New
Vineela Vineela
Vineeta Unassuming
Vinika Vinika
Vinisha Butterfly
Vinita Humble, modest
Vinita; binita Modest; knowledge; venus
Vinitha Humble
Vinmayi Vinmayi
Vinoda, vinodini Pleasing
Vinodhini Vinodhini
Vinoothna New
Vinutha Exceptionally new
Vipasa A river
Vipula Plenty
Viraja Viraja
Viranica Viranica
Virata Bravery
Virika Bravery
Visala Goddess name
Vishakha A star
Vishala Wide; spacious
Vishalakshi Large-eyed
Vishali Vishali
Vishaya Subject
Vishista Wonderful
Vishlesha Explanation or clarification
Vishnumaya Goddess parvati
Vishnupriya Goddess lakshmi
Vishrutha Vishrutha
Vishruti Vishruti
Vishva The world
Vishwaja Vishwaja
Visishta Special
Vismaya Manchi manasu
Vismita Surprise
Viswaja Whole world
Vivakita Vivakita
Viveka Right
Viviktha Who stands alone
Vrajabala Girl from mathura and its neighbourhood
Vrinda Basil; radha
Vrindha (vrindha)
Vrishti Rain
Vritika Thought; nature
Vritti Nature; temperament
Vrushalini Godess seetha
Vujwala Kanthi
Vyanjana Rhetorical suggestion
Vyoma Universe
Vyomini Divine
Vyshnavi Goddess
Vyshno aradya Devotee of vyshnavi amma

End of Bengali Baby Girl Names starting with V

Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting with W

Choosing the Bengali name for your baby Girl is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for her. Your little princess deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Bengali baby name for your baby Girl, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Bengali Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Bengali names, Bengali Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.