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          Bengali  Baby Girl Names Starting with A

     Bengali Baby Names :    Bengali Baby Girl Names

 In this section we have 235 Bengali Girl baby names which begin with letter A. You can read baby girl names of Bengali origin starting from A with meanings for free.

To choose the Bengali baby Girl name for your baby with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby name list below.

             Bengali  Baby Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings


Bengali Names in English Bengali Baby Girl Names Meaning of the name Origin
AadalAlagi আঅদলালগি Artistic Indian (Bengali)
Aaditri আদিথরি Godess Laxmi Indian (Bengali)
Aadya আদ্য Well done Indian (Bengali)
Aagni আজ্নী Order Indian (Bengali)
Aaheli আহেলি Pure Indian (Bengali)
Aahna আহনা Exist Indian (Bengali)
Aakashi আকাশী Fame Indian (Bengali)
Aalia আলিয়া Exalted; Highest social standing,Excellent,big Indian (Bengali)
Aamaal আমাল Hopes, Aspirations Indian (Bengali)
Aanadi আনাদি Always happy Indian (Bengali)
Aapt আপত Trustworthy Indian (Bengali)
Aaradhya আরাধ্যা Worship Indian (Bengali)
Aaratrika  আরাত্রিকা Dusk lamp below tulsi plant Indian (Bengali)
Aarna আরণা Lakshmi Indian (Bengali)
Aarshati আরসটি Holy Indian (Bengali)
Aaruni আরুনী Line on any particular raaga from sanskrit Indian (Bengali)
Aarya আর্য Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga Indian (Bengali)
Aas আস Asylum Indian (Bengali)
Aashalatha আসালতা Creeper of hope Indian (Bengali)
Aashi আসি Smile Indian (Bengali)
Aashini আসিনি Lightning Indian (Bengali)
Aashita আসিতা One who is full of hope Indian (Bengali)
Aashni আশনী Lightning Indian (Bengali)
Aasin আসীন Calling himself Indian (Bengali)
Aatbodh আতবোধ Son lord brahma,vishnu Indian (Bengali)
Aatmaja আত্মজা Daughter Indian (Bengali)
Aatmasharan আত্মসারণ one who cantrol his conscience Indian (Bengali)
AatralArasi আঅত্রলারসি Achiever; Skilled Indian (Bengali)
Aayaushi আয়ৌউসী Long Life Indian (Bengali)
Aayush আয়ুশ Love Indian (Bengali)
Aazam আজ়ম Fearless Indian (Bengali)
Abbas আব্বাস Description of a lion Indian (Bengali)
Abeer আবীর Fragrance Indian (Bengali)
Abha আভা Beautiful; Glow; Lustrous Beauty Indian (Bengali)
Abhayananda অভয়নন্দা Delighting In Fearless Indian (Bengali)
Abheer আভীর Fearless Indian (Bengali)
Abhicandra অভিকনড্রা With A Moon Like Face, One Of The Seven Manus Of The Svetambara Jain Sect Indian (Bengali)
Abhidharm অভিধর্ম Highest Dharma Indian (Bengali)
Abhigya অভিজ্যা Thought, Design Indian (Bengali)
Abhijata অভিজটা Well Born (woman) Indian (Bengali)
Abhijita অভিজিতা Victorious Woman Indian (Bengali)
Abhilaash অভিলাষ Lord Vishnu Indian (Bengali)
Abhilasha অভিলসা Wish; desire Indian (Bengali)
Abhimani অভিমানী Full Of Pride, Another Name For Agni As The Eldest Son Of Brahma Indian (Bengali)
Abhimoda অভিমডা Joy, Delight Indian (Bengali)
Abhinandan অভিনন্দন Greetings Indian (Bengali)
Abhinav অভিনব An act Indian (Bengali)
Abhineet অভিনীত Perfect Indian (Bengali)
Abhiprithi অভিপ্ৃতি Full of love Indian (Bengali)
Abhiram আভিরাম Handsome Indian (Bengali)
Abhirathi আভীরতি Pleasure Indian (Bengali)
Abhiri আভীরী a raagini of Indian music Indian (Bengali)
Abhirupa আভীরুপা Beautiful (woman) Indian (Bengali)
Abhithi অবহিতি Fearlessness Indian (Bengali)
Abirami অবিরমী Godessname; Godess Lakshmi Indian (Bengali)
Ablaa অবলা Perfectly formed Indian (Bengali)
Achala অচলা Constant Indian (Bengali)
Achla অচলা The Earth, Stable Indian (Bengali)
Adaleru আদলেরু One who never been crushed Indian (Bengali)
Adarsh আদর্শ Ideal Indian (Bengali)
Adaya আদায়া Light Indian (Bengali)
Adel অডেল Eager Indian (Bengali)
Adelle আডেললে Beautiful Indian (Bengali)
Adheer অধীর Master,king Indian (Bengali)
Adhi অধি Born in high class/cast Indian (Bengali)
Adhika অধিকা More, Extra Indian (Bengali)
Adhip আধিপ্ The light Indian (Bengali)
Adhira অধিরা Lightning Indian (Bengali)
Adhirath অধিরাত lncreasing Indian (Bengali)
Adhishri অধিস্রী Main Indian (Bengali)
Adhva অধ্বা Leader Indian (Bengali)
Adiban আদিবাং Etcetra Indian (Bengali)
Adinarayan আদিনারায়ণ Leader Indian (Bengali)
Adishree আদিশ্রী Exalted Indian (Bengali)
Aditha আদিথা The first root Indian (Bengali)
Aditri আদিথরি Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi Indian (Bengali)
Adriene আদ্রীএনএ An Apsara Indian (Bengali)
Adripathi  আদরিপতি Son of Bali Indian (Bengali)
Advaita অদ্বৈটা Focussed Indian (Bengali)
Adwaya অদ্বয়া  Unique Indian (Bengali)
Adwitiya অদ্বিতীয়া Matchless Indian (Bengali)
Aekadamt আএকদঁত Chaste, modest Indian (Bengali)
Afra আফ্রা Quintessence of fire Indian (Bengali)
Agamadhi আগমাধি Gem Indian (Bengali)
Agamjot আগম্যট The lover of God Indian (Bengali)
Agampreet আগাম্পরীত Inner Happiness Indian (Bengali)
Aganagai অগানগই A Semiprecious Stone Indian (Bengali)
Agathiyan আগতিয়ান Intelligent; Brilliant Indian (Bengali)
Aghanashini  আঘনসিনি Destroyer Of Sins Indian (Bengali)
Aghosh অঘোষ Direction Indian (Bengali)
Agnijita অগনিজিতা Branch of fire Indian (Bengali)
Agnimitra অগনিমিত্রা Friend Of Fire Indian (Bengali)
Agraj অগ্রজ A king s son Indian (Bengali)
Agrim অগ্রিম Beyond comprehension; Beyond knowledge Indian (Bengali)
Ahan অহন One Who Is Of The Nature Of Time Itself Indian (Bengali)
Ahava আহবা Beloved. Indian (Bengali)
Ahilya আহিলযা Maiden Indian (Bengali)
Ahimsa অহিংসা Nonviolent Virtue Indian (Bengali)
Ahlad আহ্লাদ Joy. Indian (Bengali)
Ahladita আহ্লাদিতা In Happy Mood Indian (Bengali)
Ahlam আহ্লম Witty Indian (Bengali)
Aiken একেন One who never born Indian (Bengali)
Airawati ঐইরবতী Derived From Ariana Indian (Bengali)
Aisha   Alvie & Well Indian (Bengali)
Aishita আইসিতা Sweet Indian (Bengali)
Aishwarya ঐশ্বর্যা Wealth; Prosperity Indian (Bengali)
Aissa আইশসা Grateful Indian (Bengali)
Ajaata অজাতা Old caves Indian (Bengali)
Ajala আজলা the earth Indian (Bengali)
Ajamukhi   Daughter of sage Kashyap & Surase. Indian (Bengali)
Ajanta   Eternal fame; A famous Buddist cave Indian (Bengali)
Ajatashatru   Without Enemies Indian (Bengali)
Ajaya অজয়া Lord Vishnu Indian (Bengali)
Ajinder অজীনদের Victorious Indian (Bengali)
Ajita অজিতা A Winner Indian (Bengali)
Ajitesh অজিতেশ Lord Vishnu Indian (Bengali)
Akaisha আকাইশা God s immortal warrior Indian (Bengali)
Akalbir অকলবির Pure, Moon Iight Indian (Bengali)
Akalka অকালকা Free from impurity, Moonlight Indian (Bengali)
Akalpa অকালপা Love of God Indian (Bengali)
Akand আকন্দ Calm Indian (Bengali)
Akashleena আকসলীনা Star Indian (Bengali)
Akrant আক্রান্ত Might.Force. Indian (Bengali)
Akshamala অক্ষমালা Rudrakshini garland.Another name of Arundathi. Akshata Unscated.Perfect. Indian (Bengali)
Akshayamathi অক্ষায়ামতি Super intelligence.Divyagyana. Akshayamukthi Eternal salvation. Indian (Bengali)
Akshita অক্সিতা Seen Indian (Bengali)
Akula আকুলা Goddess Parvati Indian (Bengali)
Alabhya আলাভ্যা Unique; Difficult to acquire Indian (Bengali)
Alagini আলাগিণী Beautiful and Sweet; See Alagi Indian (Bengali)
Alak আলাক World; Beautiful Tresses Indian (Bengali)
Alakananda অলকানন্দা Name Of A River Indian (Bengali)
Aleina আলেইনা Light Indian (Bengali)
Alka আলকা Lock of curly hair; A girl with a lovely hair; Beauty Indian (Bengali)
Aloki আলকী Brightness; Lustrous Indian (Bengali)
Althea আলতেঅ Sincere Indian (Bengali)
Amaidhini অমাধিনি Peaceful and Sweet Indian (Bengali)
Amara আমরা Immortal, Eternal Indian (Bengali)
Amba আম্বা Goddess Durga Indian (Bengali)
Amber আমবর From The Stone Indian (Bengali)
Ambu অম্বু Water Indian (Bengali)
Ambuvili অম্বুবিলি Piercing Eyes; Eyes resembling an Arrow tip Indian (Bengali)
Amisha  আমিসা Beautiful Indian (Bengali)
Amiti  অমিতি  Boundless Indian (Bengali)
Amla আমলা Calm and Quiet; The pure one Indian (Bengali)
Amna আমনা Desire Indian (Bengali)
Amodita আমদিতা Happiness Indian (Bengali)
Amolika আমলিকা Priceless Indian (Bengali)
Amrapali অমরাপলি Famous Courtesan Who Became A Evotee Of Buddha Indian (Bengali)
Amrita অমৃতা Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality Indian (Bengali)
Amritambu অমৃিতংবু Moon Indian (Bengali)
Amritrashmi অমৃিতরশ্মি  moon light Indian (Bengali)
Amrusha অঁরষা Unexpected; Sudden Indian (Bengali)
Amudhini অম্ুধিনি Sweet Indian (Bengali)
Ana  আনা Playful,Wanted Indian (Bengali)
Anahita  আনাহিতা Graceful Indian (Bengali)
Analilia অনালিলিয়া Full of grace and Lily Indian (Bengali)
Anandani  আনন্দনি Joyful Indian (Bengali)
Anandmayee আনন্দময়ী full of happiness Indian (Bengali)
Anantha অনন্থা Endless, Eternal Indian (Bengali)
Ananya  অনন্যা Extraordinary; Without a second Indian (Bengali)
Anarghya অনারঘ্যা priceless Indian (Bengali)
Anavi আনবী Kind to people Indian (Bengali)
Anbini আনবিনী Kind and Sweet Indian (Bengali)
Anchita আনচিতা Honoured, Worshipped Indian (Bengali)
Anemone আনেমন Type Of Flower Indian (Bengali)
Angee অঙ্গী Having Good Limbs Indian (Bengali)
Anhithi আনহিতি Gift, Donation Indian (Bengali)
Aniha অনীহা Indifferent Indian (Bengali)
Anindita অনিন্দিতা Beautiful Indian (Bengali)
Anisha আনিসা Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme Indian (Bengali)
Anishaa আনিসা One Whose Life Has No Darkness Indian (Bengali)
Anita; Aneeta অনীটা; আনীতা Grace Indian (Bengali)
AnjaAnjali অঞ্জলি Tribute > Indian (Bengali)
AnjaAnjana অঞ্জনা Mother of Hanuman > Indian (Bengali)
AnkaAnkal  আনকাল Whole > Indian (Bengali)
AnkiAnkitha অংকিতা With Auspicious Marks > Indian (Bengali)
AnkoAnkolika আংকলিকা An Embrace > Indian (Bengali)
AnmoAnmolika আন্‌মোলিকা Priceless > Indian (Bengali)
AnnaAnnam  আন্নাম Able to discriminate between good and bad; Swan Bird; also Annakili > Indian (Bengali)
AnnaAnnapoorna অন্নপূর্ণা Goddess Parvati; Generous with food > Indian (Bengali)
AnnaAnnapurna অন্নপূর্ণা Devi Bhagavati; Goddess of Food; Goddess Parvati; Generous with food > Indian (Bengali)
AnnuAnnu অননু A prefix; Atom > Indian (Bengali)
AnouAnouka অনৌকা Spirit of God > Indian (Bengali)
AnshAnsha অংশা Portion > Indian (Bengali)
AnshAnshu আংশু Sun > Indian (Bengali)
AnshAnshula আংসুলা Sunny > Indian (Bengali)
AnsuAnsuya আন্সুয়া Learned Woman > Indian (Bengali)
AntiAntini অন্তিনি Living in a hermitage > Indian (Bengali)
AnugAnuga অনুগা A companion > Indian (Bengali)
AnuhAnuhya অনুয়া Something Unexpected > Indian (Bengali)
AnukAnukriti অনুকৃতি Photograph Indian (Bengali)
Anuloma আনুলঁা Sequence > Indian (Bengali)
AnumAnumeha অনুমেহা After The Rain > Indian (Bengali)
AnunAnunitha অনুনিতা Courtesy > Indian (Bengali)
AnupAnupama অনুপমা Without any comparison; Peerless > Indian (Bengali)
AnupAnuprabha অনুপ্রভা brightness > Indian (Bengali)
AnurAnuradha অনুরধা Goddess of good luck; Name of a star > Indian (Bengali)
AnurAnurupa অনুরূপা Suitable > Indian (Bengali)
AnusAnushri অনুসরী Pretty; Goddess Laxmi > Indian (Bengali)
AnutAnuttara অনুত্তরা Unanswered > Indian (Bengali)
AnviAnvita আনবিটা Who Bridges The Gap > Indian (Bengali)
AnyaAnya এন্যা Inexhaustible; Gracious > Indian (Bengali)
AparApara অপড়া Materialistic Knowledge > Indian (Bengali)
AparAparijita অপরিজিতা Undefeated; Name of a flower > Indian (Bengali)
AparAparna অপর্ণা Goddess Parvati > Indian (Bengali)
AparAparoopa অপরূপা Extremely Beautiful > Indian (Bengali)
ApsaApsara অপ্সরা Celestial Maiden > Indian (Bengali)
AracAraceli আরাসেলি Gate Of Heaven > Indian (Bengali)
AramAramoli আড়ামলী Righteous Word; See Aram > Indian (Bengali)
AratArati আরতি Worship > Indian (Bengali)
ArchArchana আর্চনা  Worship > Indian (Bengali)
ArchArchisha আর্চিশা a ray of light > Indian (Bengali)
AreeAreej অরীজ Pleasant smell > Indian (Bengali)
ArikAriktha আরিকতা Fulfilled > Indian (Bengali)
ArivArivudai আরিবুদই Intelligent > Indian (Bengali)
ArmiArmita আর্মিতা Desire > Indian (Bengali)
AromAroma অরোমা Fragrance > Indian (Bengali)
ArpiArpita অর্পিতা Dedicated > Indian (Bengali)
Aru Aru অরু Eyes > Indian (Bengali)
ArulArulmani আরুলমানি Blessed Gem > Indian (Bengali)
ArunAruna অরুণা Dawn; Sunrise > Indian (Bengali)
ArunArundhati অরুন্ধতি Morning Star > Indian (Bengali)
ArunArunima অরনিমা Red Colour; Glow of the dawn > Indian (Bengali)
ArusArushi আরসি Dawn, Red sky in the early morning > Indian (Bengali)
AswiAswini অস্বিনী Healer of Devas; Name of Star > Indian (Bengali)
AtpuAtpudham অতপুধাম Miracle > Indian (Bengali)
AtreAtreyi আট্রেই Name of a river; Container of glory > Indian (Bengali)
AureAurel ঔরল Golden angel > Indian (Bengali)
AvanAvanija অবানিজা Godess Parvathi > Indian (Bengali)
AvapAvapya আবপযা Achieving > Indian (Bengali)
AvinAvinashi অবিনাসী Indestructible > Indian (Bengali)
AvniAvni অবনী The Earth > Indian (Bengali)
AyanAyanna আয়ন্না Innocent > Indian (Bengali)
AyatAyati আয়টি Royal > Indian (Bengali)
AyurAyurda আয়ুরদা Bestower of Longevity > Indian (Bengali)

End of Bengali Baby Girl Names starting with A

Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting with B

             Bengali  Baby Girl Names A-Z List with Meanings


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