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          Bengali  Baby Boy Names Starting with M

             Bengali  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings


 In this list we have 338 unique, cute and Modern Bengali baby boy names which begin with letter M.

Bengali Baby Boy Names Meaning of the name
Maadhav Another name of Krishna
Maagh Name of a Hindu month
Maahir Skilled
Maalolan Name of Deity in Ahobilam
Maandhata An ancient King
Maaran Brave
Maari Rain
Maavalan Prosperous
Macy Mace-bearer.
Madan Cupid
Madana Passion; Love
Madanagopala Lord Krishna; Attractive cowherd
Madanapal Lord of Love
Madangopal Lord Krishna
Madhav Lord Krishna
Madhab Relating to the spring; Sweet like honey; Another name of Lord Krishna
Madhavan Lord Krishna
Madhavdas Servant of Lord Krishna
MadhiAlagan Intelligent and Handsome
Madhu Honey
Madhughosh sweet sounding
Madhuk A honeybee
Madhukanta The moon
Madhukar Honeybee
Madhumay Consisting of honey
Madhup A honeybee
Madhupuspa A spring flower
Madhur Sweet
Madhurank Lovely scene.
Madhusudan Lord Krishna
Madhvan Another name of Lord Krishna
Madin Delightful
Madur A bird
Mag Raj
Magadh Son of Yadu
Magan Engrossed
Mahabahu Arjuna
Mahabala Great Strength
Mahabalesvara Another name of Lord Shiva
Mahadev Lord Shiva
Mahaj A noblel descent
Mahak Fragrance
Mahakaya Gigantic. Lord Hanuman
Mahalingam Sivalinga.
Mahanidhi A great treasure house
Mahaniya Worthy of honour
Mahant Great
Mahanth Great
Maharath A great charioteer
Maharth Very truthful
Mahatapas Great Meditator
Mahatejaswi Very bright person. Mahaveer Hain Guru.Founder of Jain religion.
Mahaveer most powerful
Mahavir A Jain prophet, also the super courageous one
Maheepati The King
Mahendra Lord Vishnu
Mahendra; Mohinder The great God Indra (the God of the sky)
Mahesh Lord Shiva
Maheshwar Lord Shiva
Maheshwaram Lord of The Universe
Maheswar God Shankar
Mahijith Conqueror of the earth
Mahin The earth
Mahinder Glory of God
Mahindra A king
Mahipal A king
Mahir Expert
Mahiraj One who rules the world
Mahish A king
Mahishmat Grandfather of Sahararjuna.
Mahith Honoured
Mahluli Victorious.
Mahmood; Mahmoud; Mahmud Praised one; Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam
Mahmud The Prophet of Islam
Mahtab The moon
Maimon Good fortune.
Mainak A mountain a Himalayan peak
Mairland Of the meadows.
Maitreya The name of a sage,Friend
Majeed Superior
Makarand Bee
Makhesh Lord Krishna
Makul A bud
Makur Mirror
Makut Crown.Tiara(Triple crown worn by the Pope).
MalaiSami God of the hills; God Murugan
Malaravan Gentle like a Flower
Malarvendan Gentle
Malav Ansh Of Laxmi
Malay A mountain
Malaya A creeper,Fragrant
Malcolm Dove.
Malhar A raga used in Indian music
Malik Master; King
Mallesh Lord Shiva
Malli Jasmine flower. as pure as jasmine flower.
Mallikarjuna Lord Shiva
Mamraj Lord of affection
Man Mohan One who wins the heart
Manaal Attainment; achievement
Manaar Guiding light
Manajith One who conquered the mind
Manas Mind
Manasi Mental adoration,Born of the mind
Manasij The cupid.The God of Love.
Manasyu Wishing, desiring
Manav Man
Manavendra A king
Manavotham Human being.Paramathma,the God. Mandahas Gentle smile.
Mandan Adorning
Mandar Flower,A celestial tree
Manddhan Respectable.
Mandeep Light of the mind
Mandhata An Ancient King
Mandhatri Prince
Mandin Delighting
Mandir Temple
Mandith Adorned
Maneesh Desire.
Manendra King of mind
Manfred Man of peace.
Mangal Auspicious
Mangalesh Auspicious person.
Mangesh Lord Shiva
Manhar Lord Krishna
Mani A jewel
Manibhushan Supreme gem
Manik ruby
Manik; Manikya A light pink to blood red gemstone
Manikandan Another name for Lord Ayyappa
Manikant The Blue Jewel
Manikkam Gem
Manikyam A gem,ruby.
Manindra Lord of the mind!
Maniram Jewel of a person
Manish Intellect
Manishankar Lord Shiva
Manit Highly Respected
Manith Honoured
Manivannan Related name of Lord Ayyappa
Manjeet Conqueror of the mind
Manjul Handsome
Manjunath Husband(Lord Shiva) of Lord Parvathi
Manjyot light of the mind
Manmath The cupid.The God
Manmatha Cupid
Manmohan Pleasing
Mannan Meditate
Mannath A vow to a deity
Mannith Chosen
Manogya Delightful. Pleasing.Handsome.
Manohar Beautiful; captivating,One who wins over mind
Manoj Born of the mind
Manonith Carried by the mind
Manoranjan Pleasing
Manoth Born of the mind
Manpreet Happiness of the heart
Mansukh Pleasing
Manth Thought
Mantram Holy Name. Lord Vishnu
Manu Original man
Manuj Son of Manu
Manvendra King Among Men
Manvik Conscious (One who is conscious)
Manyu Mind
Mardav Softness
Mareechi Ray of light
Markandeya A devotee to Lord Shiva,A devotee of Lord Shiva
Marlon Falcon.
Marsden From the marsh valley.
Martanda The sun
Marudeva Lord Of The Desert
Marut The wind
Marutatmaj Most Beloved Like Gems
Maruti Lord Hanuman
Masoud Lucky; Fortunate
Master Perfect one; Excellent
Mathew Gift from god.
Matsendra King of the fishes
Maukthikeshwar Diety of Eashwar in a temple at Srirangapatnam on the banks of Kaveri.
Maulik Precious
Mayank Moon
Mayanka The moon
Mayilan Another name for God Murugan; similar to Mayur
Mayoor Peacock
Mayur Peacock
Mazhar Appearance
Meer Chief
Meet Friend
Meeta Friend
Meganathan King of the Clouds
Megh Cloud
Megha Cloud,A star
Meghaj Pearl
Meghashyam Lord Krishna
Meghdutt Gift of clouds
Megh-naad roar of clouds
Meghnad Thunder
Meghnath Lord of the sky
Mehaboob Beloved
Mehboob Beloved
Mehdi A flower
Mehmood The Prophet of Islam
Mehran A character in Shahnameh; Kindness
Mehrdad Gift from the sun
Mehul Cloud; Rain,Rain
Mekhal Girdle, belt
Melchior The king of the city
Menachem Comforter.
Meredith Protector from the sea. Merle Blackbird.
Merry Mirthful. Joyous.
Meru Famous mountain in Hindu mythology, high point
Meyer Farmer.
Michael Who is like God.
Michon Who is like God.
Mihir The sun
Mike The man. Michael.
Milan Union
Milap union
Milind A bee
Milo Warrior.
Milun Union
Mirza A prince
Misal Example
Mischa Who is like god.
Mitesh One with few desires
Mithilesh The king of Mithila, Janak, father of Sita
Mithun Gemini
Mitra Friend; the sun
Mitul Friend
Mock Beneficent.
Moh Love
Mohajit Attractive
Mohak Attractive
Mohal Attractive
Mohamad The Prophet
Mohan Lord Krishna; attractive
Mohanlal Variant of 'Mohan'
Mohd. Abdullah Variant of 'Abdullah'
Mohd.Ibraham Variant of 'Ibrahim'
Mohin Facinating
Mohit Attracted
Mohnish Lord Krishna
Mohon beautiful
Mohsen One who does good
Mohul Attractive
Montague From the pointed mountain.
Monty; Monte Mountain
Morad Desire; Wish
Mordecai Warrior.
Morteza Chosen
Mortimer Dweller by the still water.
Mosi Firstborn.
Moti Pearl
Moti; Motilal Pearl
Motilal Pearl
Moulik Valuable
Mridul Tender, Delicate
Mrigalochan With Eyes Like That Of A Deer
Mriganka The moon
Mrigankamouli Lord Shiva
Mrigankasekhar Lord Shiva
Mrigendra Lion
Mrigesh Lion
Mrinank Moon
Mrityunjay Lord Shiva
Mubarak Congratulations
Mudit Pleased
Mudita Happy
Muhamad The Prophet
Muhammed Bachal
Muhammed Bux
Muhilan Of the clouds
Mujeeb name of God
Mukammal; Mukkamala Complete
Mukesh Cupid
Muktananda Liberated
Mukul Bud
Mukund Lord Krishna; Name of Vishnu
Mukunda Lord Krishna
Mukut Crown
Mulkraj King
Mumtaz Conspicuous
Muneendra best among saints
Muni Sage
Munindra Best Among Saints
Munish Lord Buddha
Muraaree another name of Lord Krishna
Murad Prowess
Murali Flute
Muralidhar Lord Krishna
Muralimanohar Lord Krishna
Murari Lord Krishna
Murarilal Lord Krishna
Murlidhar Lord Krishana
Muruga Lord Of Muruga
Murugan Tamil God
Murugappan Lord Murugan
Murugu God Murugan; Handsome
Musheer Advice
Musikvahana One who has mouse as charioteer
Mustafa Prophet Muhammad name
Mustafa; Mustaffa The chosen one
Muthu Pearl
Muthuraman Beloved Pearl
Muwafaq Successful

End of Bengali Baby Boy Names starting with M

Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Choosing the Bengali name for your baby boy is almost similar to choosing your child's future and identity. Our names actually work that way. So if you want your baby moulded with a great personality, you should choose the best name for him. Your little prince deserves the best baby name. If you are also looking for a unique, modern, latest and cute Bengali baby name for your baby boy, here is the list. We have compiled a List of unique and modern Bengali Baby Names with their Meaning and origin to help Indian Parents. These Names are cute as well as latest. Large collection of Latest and Popular, Rare and Originally Bengali names, Bengali biblical Baby Names Both Male and Female Baby Names. These baby name lists are arranged in alphabetical order. This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.