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Unique Assamese Baby Boy names

Each and every parent wants to choose a name for his/her baby Boy which is modern, unique, beautiful as well as meaningful because the name of your baby remains with him thoughout his life. It reflects his personality and nobody wants that every other boy in the school shares his name.  With that in mind we created the list below to give you some Unique Assamese Boy names to consider. We completely understand how special and important  a time this is in your life right now. AND we want to contribute positively to that experience by providing you provide you with thousands of beautiful, and unique chrstian baby boy names  at your fingertips.  If you are looking for Modern Assamese Baby Boy Names, then you have come to the right place.  So enjoy and choose which you feel the best for your baby Boy. 

A-Z List of Unique Assamese Boy names & meanings

Unique Assamese Boy Names Meaning of the Name
Aarish Sky
Abhik Beloved
Abhirup Very Nice; Pleasing; Handsome
Agastya Name Of A Sage
Aghat Destroyer Of Sin
Ameya Boundless, Magnanimous
Amin Divine grace; Faithful; Trustworthy
Anugya authority
Anunay Supplication; Consolation
Badij Myrobalan tree.
Bhadrik Shankar
Bhanumik Landlord.
Chaitan Consciousness
Chayan Collecting
Chetan perceptive
Daruk Charioteer Of Krishna, Tree
Dhirendro Lord of courage
Dhivakar Sun
Dhruba ThesonofRajaUtthanpada
Dhruvpad The Oldest Style Of North Indian Classical
Dhurjati Mahadev
Dikshan Initiation
Divyansh  Part Of The Divine Light, Gods Own Divine
Ekansh Whole
Eknath Shiva
Hariaksa Lord Shiva
Harij The horizon
Harit Green
Harshit Joyful
Hemanga Common Name
Ishan Lord Shiva; Lord of wealth; Sun
Ishayu Full of strength
Jagrav Awakened
Japesh Lord Of Chants Lord Shiva
Jasbeer Victorious Hero
Jaskaran Good deeds
Jatin Lord Shiva; Pertaining to saint
Kanish Caring
Kanishta Youngest
Lohit Red
Lohith Lord
Lokanetra Eye Of The World
Lokesh Mahadev
Manjyot light of the mind
Manmath The cupid.The God
Mannan Meditate
Marlon Falcon.
Marsden From the marsh valley.
Martin Warrior of Mars. Martial. Warlike.
Marudeva Lord Of The Desert
Mrigendra Lion
Mrinank Moon
Mrityunjay Shiv
Mudit Pleased
Nahush Name Of An Ancient King
Nairit South West
Nalak A little who whole heartedly worshipper of lord Buddha
Nalin Lotus
Nandan son
Nigam Treasure
Nikhat Fragrance
Nikhil Complete; Whole; Entire
Nikunj Loving Home; Bower; Arbour; Lord Krishna
Nitish Master Of The Right Path
Paranjay Varun; Lord Of The Sea
Paavak pure
Padm Lotus
Padmaj Lord Brahama
Padmal lotus
Pankaj lotus
Panshul Lord Shiva
Paranjay Varun; Lord Of The Sea
Raghav Lord Rama
Raghuvir Lord Rama
Ronin Lordless Samuri.
Roopesh lord of beauty, handsome
Roshan Splendid One who emanates light
Sadhil Perfect
Safal Succeed
Sahasrad Lord Shiva
Sakash Illumination
Shivansh Part of Shiva
Shivendra Lord Shiva
Shiveshvar God of welfare
Tarun new
Timir darkness
Tirthayad Lord Krishna
Uddyam Start
Virang Strong body.
Virbhanu Very Strong
Viresh brave lord
Vrisangan Lord Shiva
Vrishabh A rasi, star sign
Vrishabhanu Father Of Radha
Vrisini Lord Shiva
Vyom sky
Yashmit Famed
Yushan Mountain