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Top 20 Assamese Baby Boy Names 2013

Here is the list Top 20 Assamese Baby Boy Names for the year 2013

Top Assamese Names for Boys  Meaning
Aarish Sky
Ameya Boundless, Magnanimous
Achintya Lord Shiva
Adway One; United
Bhanumik Landlord.
Divyansh  Part Of The Divine Light, Gods Own Divine
Ekansh Whole
Harshit Joyful
Hrishab Morality
Ishan Lord Shiva; Lord of wealth; Sun
Kanishta Youngest
Mrityunjay Shiv
Nigam Treasure
Nitya regular
Panshul Lord Shiva
Raghav Lord Rama
Tanay son
Tanishq Jewel
Vimridh Lord Indra
Vrishabh A rasi, star sign