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          Assamese  Baby Boy Names Starting with S

     Assamese Baby Names :    Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby names for your baby. In this list we have Assamese boy baby names which begin with letter S. You can read boy baby names of Assamese origin starting from S with meanings for free.

To choose the Assamese baby Boy name for your baby with other alphabets, Please choose an alphabet from the baby name list below.

             Assamese  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings


Assamese Baby Names Meaning of the name Gender Origin
Sadhil Perfect Boy Indian (Assamese)
Safal Succeed Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sahasrad Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sakash Illumination Boy Indian (Assamese)
Salarjung beautiful Boy Indian (Assamese)
Salim Happy; Peaceful Boy Indian (Assamese)
Salomon Another form of Solomon. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Samaah generosity Boy Indian (Assamese)
Samajas Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Samar war Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sampoorn complete Boy Indian (Assamese)
Samskara Ethics Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sanabhi related Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sanatana Eternel, Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sanchit collected Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sandeepen Lighting Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sanskar Good Ethics and Moral Values Boy Indian (Assamese)
Santosh Happiness Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sanyam Self-control Boy Indian (Assamese)
Saras a bird; lake Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sarasvat Learned Boy Indian (Assamese)
SaravanaMuthu Another name for God Murugan Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sarbajit who has conquered everything Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sarin Helpful Boy Indian (Assamese)
Saroj lotus Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sarvajit One who conquered everythinig. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sarvang Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sarvashay Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sarvesh master of all, God, king Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sathish Kind Boy Indian (Assamese)
Satindra Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Satyen Lord of the truth Boy Indian (Assamese)
Saubhadra Abhimanyu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Saurabh Fragrance Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sava Saint who was a Trainer of Young monks. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Savir Leader Boy Indian (Assamese)
Savitendra lord of the sun Boy Indian (Assamese)
Savya-Sachi Another Name Of Arjuna Boy Indian (Assamese)
Scott From Scotland. A Gael. Scotsman. Boy Indian (Assamese)

Boy Indian (Assamese)
Seemanta parting of the hair Boy Indian (Assamese)
Selvakumaran prosperous Boy Indian (Assamese)
SelvaNambi Prosperous and Confident Boy Indian (Assamese)
SelvaRathinam Prosperous Boy Indian (Assamese)
Senajit Victory Over Army Boy Indian (Assamese)
SendhilNathan Lord Murugan Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shakunt Blue Jay Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shaligram Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shalom Peace. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shambhu Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shamindra quiet; gentle Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shan Pride Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shankar Shiva. Easwar. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shankhapani Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shankhin Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shanmukh Another name of Lord Muruga. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shighra Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shilish Lord of mountains Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shirdi Prasad Sai Babas gift Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shishir Winter Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shishirkumar The Moon Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shitikanth Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shiva Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shivang ; Shivansh A Portion Of Lord Shiv Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shivansh Part of Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shivendra Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shiveshvar God of welfare Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shivraj Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shkyasingha Goutam Buddha Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shobhan Splendid Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shoora Bold. A Name for Lord Hanuman Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shoubhit Lord Krishna Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shravankumar a character from the epic Ramayana Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shreedhar Husband Of Lakshmi Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shreekumar shrikumar beautiful Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shreepriya Lover Of Lakshmee Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shreeputra Son of Goddess Lakshmi. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shreevallabh lord of Lakshmi Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shresth Best of all Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shreyansh fame Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shri Jagadeesh Lord of Universe Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shrigopal Lord Krishna Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shrikanta beautiful Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shrimat Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shrimohan Lord Krishna Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shringesh Lord of pearls Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shripad Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shripati Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shriranjan Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shrivarah Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shrivatsa Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Shubhang Handsome Boy Indian (Assamese)
Som The moon Boy Indian (Assamese)
Som Nath Lord of the moon; God Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sonu Familiar with gold; Beloved Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sreeghan Wealthy, rich Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sri Krishna Lord Krishna. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sridhar Possessor Of Lakshmi, Possessor Of Good Fortune, Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Srinivas Abode of wealth Boy Indian (Assamese)
Srirangan Divine Vishnu. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Srivar Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Srivatsav Disciple of God Boy Indian (Assamese)
Steven Variant form of Stephen. Crown. Wreath. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Stotri Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Subal Lord Shiva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Subbaiyan Another name for God Murugan Boy Indian (Assamese)
Subhag fortunate Boy Indian (Assamese)
Subhash Soft Spoken Boy Indian (Assamese)
Subrata Devoted To What Is Right. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Suchit One with good mind. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sudeep Bright Light. Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sudeva good Deva Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sudhang Moon Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sudhi Scholar Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sudhit Kind Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sudip Bright; Good Looking Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sudir Bright Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sugreev One with beautiful neck Boy Indian (Assamese)
Suhrit well-disposed Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sujan a good person Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sujit Victory Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sukesh with beautiful Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sukhesh Lord of happiness Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sukumar handsome Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sulalit graceful Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sumadhur very sweet Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sumangala Auspicious. Holy Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sumatinath Lord of wisdom Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sumeet Friendly Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sunar Happy Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sundaravel Lord Murugan Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sunil Dark blue; Sapphire Boy Indian (Assamese)
Suras juicy Boy Indian (Assamese)
Surdeep lamp of music Boy Indian (Assamese)
Suresh The ruler of the gods; Lord Indra Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sushrut well- heard Boy Indian (Assamese)
Sutej lustre Boy Indian (Assamese)
Suvan the sun Boy Indian (Assamese)
Suvidh Kind Boy Indian (Assamese)
Suvrata Strict In Religious Vows (subrata) Boy Indian (Assamese)
Svamin Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Svar Lord Vishnu Boy Indian (Assamese)
Svarpati Lord of sound Boy Indian (Assamese)

End of Assamese Baby Boy Names starting with S

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with T

             Assamese  Baby Boy Names A-Z List with Meanings


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